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At the Office -- IT Projects

I went with Marilyn to the office today. She had meetings almost all day long, including a lunch meeting. Very busy day for her!

Christine reminded me that the 'front desk' computer didn't have Shoretel set up on it. Shoretel is both our phones AND the software for our phone system. Donn and I had replaced that computer in the middle of festival -- and at that time, Christine was sitting there and the seasonal receptionist was at her computer.

I think Donn attempted to do part of the setup of the 'front desk' profile, but I can see how he would have been unable to finish it! I had to go into the back end of the phone system, and also get on the Server in order to complete things.

NOTE TO SELF: You can't 'hide' a user and still be able to set up their Outlook email account!!!

I had to go in and change that option in order to proceed. And it took me some time to reason it out...

Rich and I had Starbucks together in the morning. Then we had a lunch meeting to discuss his progress with the photo project on the Server and work with SmugMug.

I also set up a 'private' email account for Jeff. Christine, as his assistant, has total access to his normal account. So Marilyn wanted him to have an account that only he would see...

I did talk to Donn today. I want him to get on putting Marilyn's office computer back to WinXP soon... I supposedly don't have the budget to have him do work before November 1, but I really don't want this to wait.

We had fried red tomatoes and rice for dinner. Yummy!

We got to work by just past 7:00 today, and home right around 7:00. So it's wasn't a really long day, but still long enough!

Marilyn upgrade to the new ios for her iPad that came out today. WHAT A NIGHTMARE that turned out to be!!! As some of you will know, ios 8 was just released. It handles photos in a new and annoying way -- there is NO Camera Roll and NO Photo Stream! We both use these constantly. Plus tons of important Apps (including the amazing text App, Phonto) won't work with the new ios! And there's no telling how long before they fix them. She spent several upsetting (VERY) and annoying (VERY) hours messing with her iPad after this.

I don't have a clue when I'll update. You have to have 6 (!!!) gigs free space to do it, and I only have 2 gigs right now. Plus I'm not sure I want to upgrade until they make some fixes!!!

Well, I'm exhausted tonight, so I'm off to bed. The plumber comes in the morning...

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