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Exciting Day: Cable Comes to Our House!

I stayed home from work today so I could be here for cable. Marilyn had set up an appointment specifically to have our new DVR installed in the family room.

The installer was Mike -- and he was amazing! He really knew his stuff, let me tell you.

Anyway, if he had instructions as to what we wanted, he didn't mention that. He came in and asked what I needed, so I started by mentioning the new service, but I also told him about the various issues we had around the house. We've had problems with our cable for at least a year -- and have constantly been meaning to get it fixed. Plus we had remotes that just didn't work, so I was hoping he'd be able to replace some of those, as well.

He actually changed out the line to the house, which he felt had been done incorrectly. He also changed several of our connecting cables! And some of the remotes. Plus he programmed some others. And, yes, he installed the new DVR. So now we're getting HD on our wonderful new living room TV! Very, very exciting!

Marilyn even came home for a quick lunch break so she could check it out.

We won't know right away if it's all fixed. We need to test things out. But the TV in the kitchen already seems much better! I hope that's true for Marilyn's bathroom, too.

I loved Mike. He was so friendly and professional -- both at the same time. As Marilyn says, it's the luck of the draw who you get -- and he was clearly one of their best.

I made a pot of spaghetti for lunch. I'd been craving it.

And I cooked fried tomatoes for dinner. We only had one green one, so the rest were orange and red. Really good, anyway!

We'd hoped to maybe go pick more green yesterday, but that didn't happen. The downer is that it's supposed to rain tomorrow. That will probably to in the rest of the greenies hanging on the vine.

We want to see a movie with Adeena -- don't know if that will work out or not.

Got an odd call from Cousin Linda today. I was outside watering the birds and critters and didn't hear it. Then Marilyn told me about a weird message she left at Facebook. Sad, but also selfish and annoying. I could explain more, but I think I'll just skip it.

Sue left this morning. I hope she enjoys her trip.

I need to wash my hair. At least I got some laundry done...

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