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Quiet Day at Home Resting

Marilyn and I spent a very quiet day, which actually makes sense after our busy (and exhausting) weekend.

I'm glad we were able to do some fun, summer-time events, as we'd felt pretty cheated early on when illness and other things kept us from really enjoying the summer. But this past weekend was a lot all at once, that's for sure!

Spoke a couple of times to sister Sue, who had hoped to go to Starbucks with us today. We didn't end up going out at all today, so that didn't happen, I'm afraid. But glad we talked. I'm sure she'll have a lovely time! She's been looking forward to this cribbage tournament trip for some time.

Watching Barbra Streisand on Jimmy Fallon!

I have to stay home tomorrow -- cable is coming out!

Tags: 2014, barbra-streisand, cribbage, jimmy-fallon, marilyn, september-2014, sister-sue, tired, tv

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