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A Day with Sister Sue

Started out my day working on the Auction Invite that we needed to send out via Cooler Email (our eBlast Service). This was interesting. I don't know what Kenny uses to create his HTML and CSS, but I discovered that it was rife with mistakes as I combed through it!

No, you can't just randomly add a bunch of divides. (Over the years I often hear people call them divs, but trust me, they're divides.) Some of his CODE was written in HTML shorthand -- really weird! (With the ampersands and so on.) Um, that's NOT clean code. Oh well. It's good to keep my hand in it and remember HOW to actually code things properly.

I did talk to Kenny at one point, but that didn't go so well. Anyway, he's an amazing (really fantastic) graphic artist! But he needs to leave coding to people who really get it... (smile)

Chatted several times with Carol while working on this. We WERE able to get her subscribed again. This thing where she ends up unsubscribed is pretty annoying!!! Now I know how to fix it when this happens, thankfully!!!

Anyway, that went out around 11:00 a.m., I'm happy to report. It was a lot more work than I expected, but very satisfying!

Sister Sue took me to pick up pills -- but that was an error. I didn't have any to pick up! Oh well.

I got cash out of the bank and gave it to Sue for her trip (she leaves on Tuesday) -- from both Marilyn and me. I hope it helps her to have a good time! (I wish we could afford to give her more...)

Took Sue out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I like to think both Mom and Dad would be pleased by how close she and I are now. (smile)

Talked to Kris today. He needs a piano moved from his deceased mother's home -- hopefully Mark can help him. Talked to Mark, too.

Later in the day talked to Cousin Linda for around an hour.

Marilyn and I went to the Lloyd Center to pick up a book we had on hold (the Revenge graphic novel). And we got Hawaiian food for dinner at the food court there.

We're heading to FORKS, Washington tomorrow -- it's around four and a half hours one way! (Probably more like five hours with small stops. So we need to head to bed!

We watched "The Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later" tonight. Henry Czerny is amazing as Brother Lavin!!!

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