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Blustery Day! Tired Tonight...

I'm so tired right now that I can hardly keep my eyes open! I keep yawning and yawning. And my eyes are watering. Wow. Can't wait to go to bed.

Talked to sister Sue this morning. Apparently Buddy finally moved out yesterday. Sue, Candy and Nicole are all happy. I hope they don't have any problems after the fact with Buddy. It's easy to feel sorry for him, as he had no place to go and refused to try and find assistance of any kind...

On the other hand, it was time for him to move on. Things were so strained for the three of them. And Nicole running away was the final straw...

Marilyn came home for lunch and brought the checks for Hector. And she took me to have Starbucks, which was nice.

This morning I worked on the Auction Invite that we're going to send out to our eNewsletter subscribers. There were issues, so we won't be sending it until next week, I guess. I had to try reaching Oliver and the Cooler email service people (they got back to me, thankfully). But the service is down tomorrow for maintenance. No big deal...

Hector came by this afternoon and we talked for some time. I enjoy knowing him so much. He's a good man. He's going to give me some bids on additional work, like painting the deck, so Marilyn and I can figure out what else we might want to do (if we can afford it, of course).

Chatted with Jim who was outside. He recently said I could have some tomatoes, so I begged some green off him. (smile) He let me come over and pick a few. Then I got him that shirt we had for him. Turns out it did fit, which was cool. I love getting free clothes from work!

Then I called June and we chatted a bit.

Later I was working on the garbage and recycling when June called about her computer, so I went over to check it out. She probably had a power surge. Anyway, I got things running again, and then came home and finished up (including cleaning the cat boxes). And our elderly neighbor came by (as he often does) to get the cans.

June's power surge may be related to our high winds today. We had a high wind warning that started early and ran until 10:00 tonight. Wow, was it a windy day! A HUGE limb (like half the tree!!!) fell out of a tree in the park! We saw it on the way to Starbucks. They had caution tape all around it. And some people were walking in the park, even so! How stupid can you be?

There are branches and stuff all around town -- and we saw two PGE trucks racing through the neighborhood. Just glad we didn't lose our power!!!

It's so summery here, still! Everything is very GREEN -- the trees really haven't changed color at all. And the skies are a deep, lovely blue! And it's warm, perfect weather. So nice!

Marilyn got home just before 8:00, and then we went grocery shopping. And we picked up McDonald's so we wouldn't have to cook. She's really been putting in the hours this week!

Other minor notes: I finished reading my book. And I did my pills, which takes some time, I'm telling you.

I'm forgetting stuff, I think. But it doesn't matter...

WAIT! I can't believe that I didn't mention that today is the 13th anniversary of 9/11. There were ceremonies all across the country. But it's fascinating how the young seem unimpressed by all of it. Marilyn and I were always impressed by Pearl Harbor, for example -- which happened long before we were born. So it's hard to relate. I guess it's not that surprising, really. In some ways it seems like it happened yesterday -- and in other ways it does seem like it was forever ago.

Well, I guess that's it for today.

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