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Lovely Summer Day -- Feeling Better

Well, I wasn't 100% today, but I felt much, much better (thankfully).

I was able to go outside and move some of the elements of my old rock garden, that I plan to use for a new rock garden in a different spot. I moved around some things I wanted Hector to remove and just prepared a bit for his arrival. You can believe I was taking it very slowly, though, sfter being sick yesterday.

Hector and co-worker (didn't really meet him) came around 11:00 and worked until 1:00 (two hours), mostly on power washing the deck. It really looks much better. It did take off some of the paint, but it wasn't as much as either Marilyn or I had expected. Marilyn came home for lunch, so she got to see it right after it was done. (Poor Marilyn got blocked by a train for ages going back to work!!!)

I'm so pleased about it, even though it's been quite expensive. It's quite an improvement!

Still reading "'Salem's Lot." Hard to believe I didn't finish it today, actually. It's fascinating to see the flaws in the work. Yes, I always felt Susan was a weak character. But there are other glaringly bad aspects. But it's an interesting story, even so. And I love Ben and Mark.

Did some cleaning/organizing in the kitchen. Just want to keep it up all over the house.

I also gathered and took out a bunch of garbage. And did a load of dishes.

Oh! I had an amazing experience in the morning! I was outside (as I mentioned), and heard a strong fluttery sound right over my head. I looked up and there was a hummingbird so close I could have touched it! He lifted a bit when I looked up, then immediately came close again! So I went right in and cleaned the feeder and made nectar.

I also put out goodies for the crows and critters in the afternoon. And fresh water, which they really seem to appreciate.

We had fried tomatoes (green and red) for dinner tonight.

I guess Hector is coming by tomorrow to get a check. I had the cash to cover the power washer, but Marilyn had to wait for today -- payday -- to get the money for the rest. This was partly because her paycheck was SCREWED up this time around. She's supposed to be on automatic deposit. A check had to be printed out. The two signers had to sign it (not simple). THEN she had to take time to go and deposit the check. SERIOUSLY??? Marilyn was nice about it -- not sure I would have been!

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