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Nice Summer Day -- Women's Final at the US Open

Sister Sue came over today -- there was a lot of tension going on at home and she'd been fighting with her daughter, Candy. But we were HAPPY to have Sue -- and wanted her to see the Women's Final at the US Open with us.

First the three of us drove down to Sauvie Island to get hot dogs and roasted corn to eat at home -- yummy! And Sue kindly brought us all Starbucks to enjoy.

Marilyn and I were pulling for Caroline Wozniacki to finally win her first Grand Slam. At least she played well -- and she was amazing during her after match statement. And we love Serena Williams and were happy she got her 18th career Grand Slam, of course. (Still a disappointment, I have to say...)

I bought a Kindle download of "'Salem's Lot" today and started reading it. I can still remember clearly when I first read that book, years and years ago! At the time we had to go down to the basement to start the furnace up (long, crazy story), and it was such a creepy novel that I got nervous about going down to the basement. (This was when Marilyn and I lived at home with our parents, of course.) It's been ages since I read it, but I'll never forget that book!

Stephen King has always been one of my favorite writers, since I first read his work in the 1970's...

Hot day! Summer just continues to linger here. Everything is still remarkably GREEN, with very few leaves falling -- and that's not normal for so late in the year!!!

Serious note: Nicole (daughter of Marilyn's and my niece Candy -- Sue's granddaughter) ran away from home today. She was missing for nine hours and had everybody in a panic. This is all about Buddy, of course. They're trying to get him to move out (I think he's been there around a year and a half now), but the guy has nowhere to go -- so it's tough all around. I'm sure he's in a panic and afraid. But the family (Sue, Candy and Nicole) are really ready for him to leave. A hard thing.

Years ago Marilyn, Mom and I had a situation where we allowed a guy to move in 'temporarily' (through our church). And it was VERY HARD to get him out again.

You want to be kind and understanding and helpful, but having another person in your home is hard, and impacts everyone. It was never meant to be permanent, but Buddy doesn't seem to get that he needs to find a way to get out. And, yeah, it's been explained to him over and over again. And many practical suggestions have been made, as well...

Jeff is dealing with this, too, recently. A 15-year-old friend of his daughter is living with them, as she has no place to go. Providing for another mouth to feed (and a fourth girl) isn't easy, that's for sure!

Funny note: We were picking up prescriptions today and the pharmacist called me over to get a 'report card' (of sorts). For whatever reason, the system had decided to flag me! I got what RiteAid calls a 'Prescription Advisor.' My diabetes meds score was 91%, my digestive health meds score was 98% and my heart meds score was 98%. Supposedly it tells me how well I'm taking my medications. Hahaha. Okay. I'll buy that. But picking up meds isn't taking them, is it? Just sayin'... But how funny that they'd give me this detailed printout!

There is little to NO privacy in the world anymore. Do they really think it makes people HAPPY to get reports like this that are so invasive? Just like grocery stores knowing exactly what we buy because of their special cards. Oh well. Everybody appears to know everything about us, whether we like it or not!

Bedtime! We need to go for manicures tomorrow...

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