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US Open Tennis -- a Visit from Sister Sue!

This was a lovely day -- spent socializing with people Marilyn and I love!

The day started out with sister Sue coming over to watch US Open tennis with us. It's so cool to be able to spend time with Sue in our living room. It's pretty much impossible for her to go downstairs to our family room (because of her health). But now that we've got the living room set up with our new big screen TV, it's perfect for having her here with us! And Marilyn and I just love that. We don't get to spend enough time with Sue, but we want to make sure we spend more time with her from now on.

I also managed to color my hair today. It didn't turn out that great, but it was far better than it had been! I want it much darker, I think. But it just doesn't take color all that well anymore. (sigh)

Marilyn also got a shower in, before we headed to dinner with June and Jim and Sue. Fun, fun! (Today is June's birthday.)

Tonight Marilyn and I watched the 1979 movie "Salem's Lot" (also known as "Salem's Lot: The Miniseries" -- it played on TV). It was directed by Tobe Hooper and featured David Soul and Lance Kerwin as Ben Mears and Mark Petrie, plus James Mason in a very creepy role!

(This is based on the 1975 Stephen King novel "'Salem's Lot, a favorite of mine.)

It's interesting to me that we made fun of this when it originally aired. Frankly, both Marilyn and I think this is a classic horror tale. It's also received good reviews, including 82% at the Rotten Tomatoes website, which is excellent. Well worth watching if you like either vampire stories or classic, spooky horror. Some scenes will really make you jump! On the other hand, it's NOT over-the-top gore.

I did pick up in my bedroom just a little bit today (shock). And it was cute to see the cats hanging out in there together -- at one point sleeping side-by-side (which they normally never do).

Speaking of the cats, Colin was very friendly with Sue today (!!!). If she starts spending more time here, he should get more and more comfortable with her (hopefully). That's just great!

All in all, we've really been enjoying our vacation -- and we had a lovely day!
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