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Heading to Walmart

Marilyn and I really need to pick up a few things, so we're heading to Walmart shortly. We always prefer to shop there late at night, when the traffic to get there is quiet and the store is quiet, too.

We went over to have coffee with sister Sue at 'her' Starbucks on the island, which stays open later than our own does. It was so funny! I don't know how they could have been more rude! They might stay open late, but they sure don't like have customers then! They were unpleasant and spending time shutting up shop the entire time we were there. I get that they're anxious to go home. But I used to work closing for years at Lipman's, and we would NEVER have treated a client that way!!! Customer service just isn't the same anymore... (sigh)

Tennis was good today. Looking forward to the tennis tomorrow.

It was a really HOT day! In the upper 80's (felt warmer to me). It's still hot now.

No sign of Hector again. I wonder when he's planning to come and finish up all this work??? Hopefully over the weekend!

Can't think what else we did today... I guess it's not important! Hahaha.

Tomorrow is friend June's birthday!

Tags: bad-service, birthday, hector, hot, june, marilyn, shopping, sister-sue, starbucks, summer, tennis, us-open, walmart, weather, yard

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