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Trip to Centralia, Washington

Marilyn and I drove up to Centralia, Washington today to the Olympic Club (McMenamins), for lunch. It's a nice drive and was somewhere we've never been before. It was nice to try something new! The weather was perfect! A perfect summer VACATION day!

Like all McMenamins, this was a historic location, and they'd gone out of their way to preserve historical elements. Before leaving Centralia to head home, we stopped at an antique mall. Marilyn bought me a ruby red leaf dish that's a perfect match for the one I have from Mom! I'm so excited to have it.

We got back in a timely fashion, in spite of traffic. We had invited sister Sue for dinner, to have fried green tomatoes -- and watch the US Open tennis semifinals, with Roger Federer.

I had a terrible allergy attack when we got home -- September (Fall) is the start of my bad allergy period. I took a slug of liquid medicine which made me sleepy, so I laid down and was out like a light. Marilyn did the cooking for Sue (very sweet of her).

June had called about a computer problem -- probably the same stuff we messed with last night. I did go over there tonight and set up her Firefox for her. I need to find her the password to her LiveJournal account. I try to keep track of passwords for people -- I'm used to it from work.

Anyway, I need to go do the garbage and recycling. So that's it for tonight!

Tags: 2014, allergies, centralia-washington, computer, food, garbage-and-recycling, june, marilyn, mcmenamins, olympic-club, september-2014, sister-sue, sleep, tennis, us-open

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