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Labor Day, 2014 -- Plus a BIG Photo Share!

This was a really good day for Marilyn and me. We started out by going outside early and working on removing the moss on our brick patio. That's really coming along, by the way!

It was a beautiful day, weather-wise. Sunny and quite hot.

We're so enjoying the living room and kitchen since the changes. We love to just sit in the living room now! The new TV is a terrific addition.

Hector and his son came to work today and got a lot done on the yard (although there's still more to go). They removed all the old flower pots under the lilac, and cut away the tons of suckers that had grown up in recent years. It looks so clean and tidy now. And they broke up the old wooden flower boxes that were put in when the deck was built and matched it. The wood had rotted out over the years and they were falling apart. Plus they cut off a bunch of the lower branches of the blue spruce, making it easy to mow under.

The view out our living room window is much nicer now! We can't wait until he clears out the blackberry bushes and finishes up the corner area. Plus we're having him haul away the front porch flower box that Mark gave us (it's an eyesore).

Today felt quite productive!

And we fixed hot dogs and Marilyn made baked beans. We bought some coleslaw (which I love), and I ate coleslaw mixed with the beans -- very tasty! We tried to get Hector and his son to eat with us, but I guess they had other plans... Anyway, good food! It felt very 'party' like! (smile)

And we did some RPing with cyber friends at Instagram. That's not as simple as it sounds. It was complicated with four people interacting -- and it really didn't go anywhere. But Marilyn and I feel it's good for the writing involved -- like creating fiction on the fly, really.

I was worn out at one point and had a long nap.

And we watched a bunch of the US Open and other TV, too.

I'm going to add a photo share entry separately -- okay?

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