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Hector Hauling -- New Living Room TV

Both Marilyn and I are TIRED tonight. It was a long and very busy day! We started early, getting things ready in case Hector ended up coming at 9:00, which he'd wanted to. The second time we decided on (10:00), didn't work out, either. He phoned to say he'd be late... But it didn't matter. It just gave us more time to prepare for him.

Anyway, we were lifting and carrying and moving stuff all day.

We took out our old 'dining room' table for Hector to keep, or haul off. (He ended up keeping it.) we bought that table when we moved in this house. It was sort of rectangular with 'wings' that created a circular table. When it was folded down we used to keep it against the wall in the living room, then pull it our to use it. But years ago we moved it into the 'nook' area of the kitchen. We've never used that to eat in, by the way -- it's too cramped.

Anyway, that new table we bought at IKEA is now in the kitchen -- with so much space under it that all the recycling now fits neatly there. Nice! Which also meant we could push the microwave cart back closer to the wall -- and that means the whole room seems bigger, believe it or not!

Gosh, we dumped so much yard stuff and stuff from the garage! I can't get over how much better both are right now. We've wanted to clear out the garage for a couple of years, and had even talked about getting a dumpster, but this was much better. The problem with dumpsters? Tons of people in the neighborhood think it's okay to add their own stuff -- which we end up paying for. (And they add stuff you're not allowed to dump and get fined for.)

The garage could maybe use a bit more organizing, but it's amazingly better than it has been in ages!

The back yard is a ton better. All the really old lawn furniture is gone. Everything is off the deck and our barbeque is gone -- another change that makes the space look drastically different. Suddenly the brick patio looks a lot larger.

We kept a few chairs that we're going to put on the deck after it's been cleaned. And I was out sweeping and scraping moss, which just gets everywhere with our climate.

They brought our new TV (and the TV stand) around 3:00 -- and it didn't take them 15 minutes to haul it in and set it up! It actually looks great there, by the way. We can't wait to watch a movie with the new TV.

Anyway, it was a really busy day with loads of work.

And so humid!!! Overcast -- we even had some rain -- but warm enough to have us sweating hard while we were working.

Finally, we forced ourselves to go shopping at Freddies, as we were totally out of pop and several other things. Then I fixed dinner and we ate after that.

Now we're watching Lady Gaga on SNL. It's a repeat, but I don't remember it, so maybe we missed it when it originally aired.

Going for breakfast at Elmer's in the morning with sister Sue -- we have a certificate that's about to expire that we need to use.

I really need to do photos of everything...

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