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Annual Roadtrip to Wildlife Safari

Today Marilyn and I took our annual roadtrip to Wildlife Safari (in Winston, Oregon). We'd planned to be on the road by 8:00 a.m., but that didn't quite happen. We had so much to get done last night that we didn't begin to get to bed near midnight, as hoped. But we had no special reason to arrive at any specific time, so it was fine.

I think Marilyn makes the drive time there at around three and a half to four hours, probably depending on the traffic we hit, plus the stops we make. (It took us three and a half hours last year, because I checked, but I think a bit longer this year, as we got there right around noon.)

We needed to start out by going to the Gift Shop (which is also Guest Services) to renew our membership. This is rather high, but we really like supporting them. We didn't have our card from last year -- not sure why. I'll keep a better eye on it this year. We get free train rides and a discount for the gift shop, plus some kind of reciprocal rights at our local zoo (but we never go there).

While in the village we took a train ride, which was nice.

Finally we did our drive through. The young woman who took our tickets was an awful, unpleasant Nazi of a person. I almost feel we should complain about her treatment. I would think they'd try and be nicer to members, by the way...

They've made changes. In one spot (the wetlands) they let you stop and exit the car and buy stuff from their snackbar! Very nice addition. (We had snowcones. Very refreshing.) in the Asia section they now sell food to feed the animals. So every car is approached heavily by animals, that make it difficult to drive. We bought no food, but the animals seem to think everybody has food for them...

No more elephant car washes -- and they don't even seem to want to mention that they ever had them! Oh well. We were there more than once. The elephants LOVED it -- and it was make-believe! They took a sponge and pretended to 'wash' the car -- then sprayed water out of their trunks on the car. Harmless and darling. I'm not kidding.

It was a hot day, so we went through one time. (You can do it twice.)

We skipped the rootbeer float tradition this year and didn't miss it. We got a burger and drink at McDonald's. Then we decided to skip the idea of driving to Crater Lake (as we did last year), and just come home. We were hot and tired and happy with our roadtrip without the addition.

Hector is supposed to be here tomorrow at 9:00, so we're facing another exhausting day.

I can't help remembering the year we went with both sister Sue and Mitch, by the way -- what fun!

That's it for today!

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