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Hector and Son and the Lounge Lizard Guys

The day started with us waiting for Hector to arrive. His son was with him (the younger one -- can't remember his name, but he's a great kid!) and we all went out back to decide what things were going to be hauled off, and what we'd keep. There's a lot of stuff to go, including most of our lawn furniture. We're only keeping a very few items.

The goal is to clear out the yard and be very minimalist in the future. And just have a few items for the deck.

He's killed the blackberry bushes in the neighbor's yard that were climbing over into our yard. That actually takes me back to the Olympia house, where we lived as kids (we moved when I was in high school to the Fessenden house). In the back yard of the Olympia house there was a huge blackberry bush boardering our yard and the back neighbor. It was a mess, but we didn't get that as kids! We loved it then. Anyway, Hector is now going to pull them out and get rid of them. It's pretty awful.

We're both looking forward to a clean and very minimalist green look in back. We used to put a TON of work and money into our yard every summer, which was nice. But we just don't use the yard anymore. Plus the money goes into the beach house now, so we just don't have it to spend on our yard. (Flowers can get quite spendy!) The living room looks out on the yard year round, so we just want it to look tidy and green.

The two of them are coming Saturday to do the work. He didn't give us a bid (???), so we'll just have to trust it won't be too much. He's also going to do our gutters again -- a good idea!

I spent part of the day just napping and reading -- catching up my missing sleep. While I slept, Marilyn did a TON of cleaning (!!!) all by herself!!! The family room looks wonderful, I have to say.

At one point I spent a little time arranging furniture in the living room, trying to find a good spot for our new bar.

Marilyn talked to the owner of Lounge Lizard today (Chris?), trying to find out about our 'missing' piece of furniture. We bought a sofa table -- a long, narrow table that goes directly behind the sofa. But we bought it at their second store, so there was a mix up and it didn't get delivered with the original pieces. They were supposed to come by around 6:30, but it was past 7:00 when they got here. It was the owner and his gay partner -- and they are very sweet guys. It was amazing to have them come in and immediately recognize their pieces in our room, even though they didn't sell them to us (Joel did)!!! It shows how well they know their items!

They seemed so excited to see their furniture finding a good home! Marilyn and I both loved it.

That table is a lovely addition, by the way.

Marilyn and I went over to get popcorn at Target, near sister Sue's. We wanted to meet her for Starbucks, but she didn't feel like it (which was fine). She likes to see us during our vacation, but sometimes it's hard to find a time that works for all of us. We'd wanted to talk about our Grandpa Ed's house (where our Dad grew up), which is currently for sale. It was remodeled some years back, and we're both curious about the changes that were made -- as opposed to what it was like when our family lived there. (It was Aunt Dorothy's house all her life, and Uncle Alfred moved back in after his health failed.) Mom and Dad lived there for a time when they were first married...

Got the garbage and recycling done, including the cat boxes. (Not 'real' garbage week, but it all still needs doing.) Now I need to wash my hair and do some laundry before heading to bed. We're taking our road trip tomorrow, so we want an early start. Goodnight all!

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