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Busy, Busy Day!

Marilyn and I started the day by going to Sauvie Island and u-picking green tomatoes (plus getting a few other things). It was already hot, and we got an early start!

After that we decided to go do some more furniture shopping. We had it in our heads that we wanted a 'bar' cart for the living room. We were picking brass and glass, but when we found it (on display in a store window), it was blond wood and glass on wheels -- very, very cute! And it just fit in our car to bring it home!

We were expecting to get together with Hector at noon. He called right around that time and said he'd be late -- arriving around 1:30. When it was nearly 2:00 and he still wasn't here, we phoned him and changed until tomorrow...

We wanted to go to Ross at Hayden Island, so we took off and drove over there. We got some glasses to use with the new bar, which we really needed. For some reason most of our glasses here at plastic! So it was nice to get some actual glass ones.

While there, we went to a TV store and ordered our new TV for the living room, plus a TV stand. We paid to get the stand built and both delivered -- they'll be here on Saturday.

Then we were home watching TV in the living room (just before 4:00) when Marilyn noticed that June had tried to FaceTime me on my iPad. So I gave her a call. We were chatting away about the cats and how they're both doing when there was a knock on the door. Marilyn answered it and our Cousin Linda (!!!) was there.

Linda proceeded to come in and stay for more than three hours. (I'll go into more detail about this visit in a Friend's Only entry later.) It was a difficult visit. Linda's in a pretty bad place (she mentioned suicide a couple of times). We're worried about her, but don't really know what we can do, aside from listening to her (which we did).

After Linda left, heading for her sister Nancy's house, we took off to get something to eat (now past 7:00 p.m.). We went for Mexican food and made a dash to Target after that. Oh! I got my new clock for the home office for under ten bucks there.

I just worked on the eNewsletter for RHSAA, which Marilyn and I will finish up and send out tomorrow...

We've been wanted to take a road trip and had originally planned to try and go today, then on Thursday. Now we're thinking Friday (fingers crossed). More about that later.

I didn't really sleep last night, so I'm tired and anxious to sleep. So that's where I'm headed now.

It's been a very busy day -- and very emotional (good and bad). We were productive. But it was also difficult. Time for some rest!

And (damn!!!), I broke a nail really bad today. Wow, did it hurt. (sigh)

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