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New Furniture For the Living Room

Today was fun -- and exciting, too. Marilyn and I decided to go shopping for a sideboard for the living room. We started in St. johns, but nothing was open there. Then we headed over to Hawthorne Boulevard and a place called LOUNGE Lizard. Their motto is: Furniture With a Past. They feauture mid-century modern, which is where we've been going with the living room.

They have WONDERFUL stuff! It's exciting to see how they can bring back delightful old and older furniture, often just by painting it.

We found a wonderful sideboard. It wasn't at all what we had been thinking of -- they had it on sale, because it's actually not mid-century modern. It's more art deco. But we both love it! We also found a new coffee table -- it's a Heywood-Wakefield, that has the famous amber coloring. Very much mid-century modern. It's bigger than the one we were using, and taller. But we got it because I fell in love with it when I saw it! We also got a small orange table with an inset glass top and a few odds and ends.

The cool thing? It was delivered this afternoon! So it's in the house right now. Yes, I need to do pictures! (grin)

Really a different experience. They're giving wonderful old pieces a second life, often with nothing more than paint (like our orange table). We've gotten into second hand through that shop we go to in Seaside. But here in Portland it was about seeking the mid-century modern.

Purchasing was so different than the normal experience. There was no itemized receipt. In fact, there was nothing to even prove what we'd actually bought! They pulled up with a pickup truck and brought it on in! It fits the spot PERFECTLY, by the way. And the new coffee table looks great, too.

One of the things we bought was a small bunch of orange glass grapes -- so cute!

We looked at a ton of sideboards online -- one of the main things was that these would cost $$$ for postage and handling, PLUS they needed to be assembled (!!!) when you got them! We got this lovely old sideboard, and it came right in, ready to go. And it's in great shape, with no scratches or anything.

Anyway, can't wait to show stuff off to others. (smile) And we spent some time today sitting in the room and enjoying it.

Last night we went to Walmart for the midnight release of "Revenge" Season 3. I'd decided I'd buy Marilyn a new flatscreen TV for her bedroom, to replace the one we just had hauled away. We found an inexpensive 32" for $200, so we got that while we were there. Part of our plan was to set it up in the living room for now. We've been planning for some time to get a new flatscreen for that room, but a larger one (like a 48" or something). We didn't quite get around to going to buy that TV, which will have to be delivered.

So for now we've got the bedroom TV in the living room. Yeah, it's small for that room, BUT it's bigger than the old Zenith that was in the room! Hahaha!

Talked to Kris this morning. Need to see him sometime soon (it's been ages).

Also talked to June about PooPurr, poor kitty! They've had her to the vet three days in a row, for tons of tests! (Keep the prayers coming... Thanks.)

Hector is coming tomorrow around noon... We hope to go picking green tomatoes in the morning, if all goes according to plan.

Can't think what else I was going to say. I'm so brain dead tonight. More soon...

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