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Prayer Request

June and Jim's beloved cat, PooPurr, isn't doing well. Marilyn and I would like to ask everyone to send good thoughts and/or prayers to all three of them.

We're still very hopeful that their kitty will pull through, and we certainly feel the Power of Prayer can help! She's been going through a very rough spell and hasn't eaten for days. I'm praying hard as I type this. I really love that sweet little cat!

While we're on the subject of good thoughts and prayers for cats, Henry still hasn't been doing very well. He's throwing up on and off and having trouble breathing. He tries so hard to hang in there and act 'normal' -- and he's so skinny right now. (Hard to believe his weight was up for his last vet visit...)

Well, sorry to be a downer, but that's the focus for today.

Yes, the US Open started today.

And we did see the Emmys tonight. The Memorial for Robin Williams was touching. Gosh, a lot of amazing people died this past year!

Bless you all, dear friends!

Tags: 2014, august-2014, cats, emmys, good-thoughts, henry-tudor-cat, june-and-jim, marilyn, poopurr, prayers, praying

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