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Exhausted. But Feeling Accomplished.

I'm currently exhausted. But I'm stronger than people think!

I started out by moving the unit in the living room -- TV and all -- away from the wall, so I could get behind it to both clean and unplug everything. We had a game system (the old Sega one) and a DVD/VCR combined unit hooked up to the TV. And cable to TV. So it all needed to be unhooked. I also discovered broken glass back there and cleared up all the mess and dusted everything.

All this happened before Mark came out to the house.

I did finish up the eNewsletter -- the FIRST DRAFT, anyway -- for RHSAA. Then I FTPed it to our website so I could link Marilyn to review. She has additions and changes that she needs to make, but it's fairly close to done...

I picked up the family room a bit and Marilyn's bedroom, because Mark needed to go through the one to get to Marilyn's bedroom and get the one TV to haul out.

Altogether he took TWO large, old Zenith TVs out. Plus the big unit. And I gave him my folding rocker, because he wanted it. And some sofa pillows, too.

I didn't help lift the TVs (that was easier for him alone). But I sure as hell helped him to lift and carry the big wooden unit! Wow, it was heavy even empty. I was surprised!

Before that he and I went out for Chinese and had a nice (long) lunch at the local place.

After we loaded the furniture up, we looked at a bunch of photos he and girlfriend Barb had taken at The Bite (he mentioned the number 4,000 at one point, but it wasn't quite that many that I viewed).

I'm beat now. I was supposed to go out and make a list for Hector in the backyard today, but I'm too tired right now to face it.

I'm going to take a pain pill and rest a little...

It's 6:30 and Marilyn is still at work. I wonder how long she'll need to work tonight?

I feel good that we're now ready to buy a new TV and TV unit (a small one). And maybe a shelf unit or other furniture for the living room that gives us some storage. I guess we won't be doing that tonight, but hopefully soon, anyway.

I almost forgot to share!!! Remember me mentioning yesterday that I was going to take a nap -- then tackle the garbage and recycling? I didn't wake up until 6:00 a.m. -- and our garbage comes really early!!!

So Marilyn and I were both dashing around to get it all done. I could see a truck coming down the street as I drug the actual garbage can to the curb! It was crazy, I have to tell you.

In all the time I've been doing garbage, I've only ever missed it one week (back when we got weekly garbage service). And Marilyn did it the week I was having surgery. So it would have been a pretty big deal to miss it! Especially now that it means having four weeks worth of garbage if you miss 'real' garbage night (which comes every two weeks)!!!

More later on.

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