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Happy Birthday, Mitch!

Today would have been Mitch's 58th birthday, if he had lived (1955-2012).

Marilyn and I still miss him all the time, even though he's been dead two years now. (sigh) And sister Sue misses him, as well. Hope he gets good seats in heaven for all the big tennis tournaments. Speaking of, Rafa Nadal will not be playing the US Open this year, I'm sorry to report...

Spent the day at home. I did get up at a fairly decent hour, and I worked on the RHSAA website, getting the work done I was supposed to have finished previously (my error!).

I didn't really eat anything again until afternoon, when I had some soft white (French) bread, with butter. I have to eat something with the pain meds. I'm not taking much, by the way. The worst pain today was a nagging headache... I guess the drama with the tooth is almost over! (woo hoo)

I also forced myself to ice twice today. So hopefully I'm done with that! Hahaha. I hate icing. But it's good for the swelling, so...

Marilyn worked another terribly long day. She got home just before 10:00, then we went out and got McDonald's for dinner -- the first real food either of us has eaten in the past two days.

I'm getting ready to wash my hair, so I can go to work tomorrow.

Other than that, I texted on my iPad with Adeena (who was checking up on me) for quite some time this evening, and was texting with Denise on my cell phone at the same time. Funny, huh?

I did some Instagram Edits, but I guess that's pretty much it.

Henry was begging for food again, so I fixed him and Colin each a very small dish of canned food (a bit less for Colin). They ate it just fine, but Henry threw it all back up again, all over the carpet in the family room. (Why couldn't it have been on the hard wood floor upstairs, or the kitchen floor?) What a MESS it was to clean up. Poor guy! That's the opposite of what we want. He really needs to put some weight on.

Can't think what else I meant to share, but I really need to run, so I can get to bed...

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