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Another Tooth Bites the Dust.

My dental appointment went as expected. That bad tooth is finally gone, almost exactly one year later...

I'm doing okay. Right now I'm terribly nauseous, but I just took a pill for that, so hopefully it's going to pass. I took one pain pill today, then slept for hours (those things just knock me OUT). And I had very little to eat or drink all day. Can't decide if I'll take my night time meds or not at this point...

Marilyn was wonderful to me -- and took ages out of her very busy day to take me to my appointment and to be with me after. She's amazing, as always.

Both sister Sue and June were very kind, too, though I didn't end up seeing either one of them today.

Henry (our cat) was apparently aware that something was wrong with me -- it was cute how attentive he was! Both boys were sweet with me (Colin, too).

I got very little done today, really, so there's nothing much to share. I guess oral surgery was really my entire day. It seems ridiculous, but there we are.

I'd planned to go to work tomorrow, but I'm pretty swollen and it's supposed to be worse on the second day. Marilyn doesn't seem to think I should go -- and happily she's resolved the issues with the IT budget. We're rushing to get Donn paid off (long story), but I'm close to OUT of money for the rest of this fiscal year (until November 1, in other words). Hopefully we'll make do.

Obviously some tasks Kris was slated to do will need to wait. Donn, too...

Mark texted me today. He was at Good Sam getting a miserable infusion (poor guy), and has an eye doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. So we're thinking about lunch on Thursday, depending on how both of us feel...

I downloaded a great Billy Joel album from iTunes and put it on both my iPod and iPhone. Fun!

And that's it for today. (No, I never got those other entries done yet... sigh...)

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