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Continued Fun at Instagram

HOW did I manage to miss two more days of blogging? And I need to go back and BLOG for August 16, because it's about stuff I want to be able to easily REMEMBER for the future!!! Tomorrow, I guess. I'd meant to do it today, but as today is over, that's clearly NOT happening...

Marilyn and I are taking off any second now to (finally!!!) go shopping at Walmart. We really need to go, otherwise we'd skip it. Neither one of us wants to go, in other words. But I probably won't feel like it tomorrow night, after getting my tooth pulled in the morning.

Yes, tomorrow is (finally) my dental appointment for my extraction of that bad tooth. It's been nearly a year (to the day) since Mary told me it needed to be pulled, by the way. So I guess it's about time! At least my insurance will now cover the cost.

I'll be so glad to be out of all this pain I've been in, that I suspect the pain from the oral surgery won't seem nearly as bad. Or maybe I hope that. Hahaha.

I need to go into the office on Wednesday to catch up the work Marilyn and I didn't manage to finish up on Friday...

Marilyn and I continue to have a lot of FUN with all our various Instagram accounts (mainly with our fandom accounts). And with creating web graphics. Marilyn is truly the QUEEN of Edits -- I'm really in awe of her work. I'm happy to still be learning some new things. Anyway, we think it's a good way to spend our time, and it's very much a positive, creative outlet for both of us.

It's almost a year since Marilyn started her Revenge account -- that anniversary is fast approaching. And she now has well more than 3,000 Followers (!!!).

I have more than 2,000 Followers for my TWD account. I don't begin to do the amount of posting that Marilyn does, though.

Good news! June and Jim's cat PooPurr was really SICK yesterday -- and had us all worried. But she seems BETTER today, happily! I've been praying a lot for her, sweet girl.

June went to the eye doctor today and needs NEW GLASSES again (???!!!). Really? Why can't they seem to get her glasses situation worked out? New ones every six months is ridiculous and expensive.

Sister Sue went in to get her diabetic shoes today. I hope that went well -- didn't hear from her afterwards.

I'm sure I'm forgetting other stuff, but we need to take off! So more tomorrow!

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