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Busy Day at the Office

It was a busy day at the office today.

Actually, it was GREAT to be back at WORK again! It's nice to know I'm missed when I'm not there. And good to see people, again. Of course, lots of people weren't there today. Christine was there, and Christie and Stephanie. Steven was there until the afternoon. Ashley, too. And Jeff was getting his new festival car this morning, so was only in briefly before taking off to go golfing. That was it. The two people there until 5:40 p.m. Were Marilyn and me! (grin)

The exciting thing? Adeena came by to see us today and stayed for hours while we were working, so we could visit with her AND get things accomplished! She is such an amazing young woman, and Marilyn and I just LOVE her so much!

I did get a phone call from sister Sue at one point, and wasn't able to phone her back until we got home from work (we were really busy). And I slso got a call from Kris and could only speak to him briefly (even though we WERE talking work). So I need to get back to him sometime soon. Yeah, a very busy day!

I was helping Marilyn for much of the day (which is why I went in to begin with). We were setting up a filing system, which I've done with her many, many, many times over the years. It's complicated filing, but thankfully I've had decades of experience, so I can reason out a good portion of it -- and easily ask her what I'm not sure about. So together we took stacks and stacks of paperwork, plus various folders of stuff and filed all of it. We got most of it done today, and can finish next week.

We still need to review IT budget stuff (and get Donn paid!) next week. There wasn't time today. That was also why I couldn't finish my conversation with Kris, who needs to do some stuff, but I'm guarding the IT budget until the start of the new fiscal year (November 1).

The COOL thing I got to do today? Website stuff! I'm one of the 'administrator' level people (there are very few of us). Anyway, we're currently hiring for a year round position. It needed to go Live today, and Danielle is on vaca right now. So I needed to log in and 'Publish' the page, which Stephanie had worked on.

First' I couldn't get logged in (!!!), which was annoying. So I phone John at FISH and he gets me back in. Then I'm checking out the Intern stuff on the page, and want to dump it. Yes, we had interns in 2014, but we're ending the program prior to 2015. Ironically, the URL for that page includes careers-and-internships. (Why, why, why? We used to just call that page employment, which makes more sense.) anyway, I need John to RENAME the actual page and dump the internship mention. Not a thing we can do internally, I'm afraid. And then he needs to do a redirect for the old URL. And I needed to make some tweaks to the page content.

A perfect day for me to be at the office, because this stuff really needed to get done! And I still love website work so much, I have to admit. This stuff made me HAPPY!

Marilyn, Christine and I did go to Starbucks this morning. And Marilyn took me to Chinese for lunch, too. Great, huh?

We STILL haven't had any dinner (!!!), because I was so TIRED when we got home that I laid down with my Kindle and read until I went to sleep. So we'll be having a midnight dinner yonight. But it certainly won't be the first time! Hahaha!

We actually got home by 6:00 tonight (!!!), believe it or not. Even if everyone else left before us, we weren't there all that late -- surprise!

The talk with Adeena was a delight! She had just got her brand new iPad Air today, and had it with her. So we three were playing with our iPads (and talking about June and her iPad, too).

The piano was outside on the patio, so people were there playing it. Such a cool program! Marilyn went out and took photos.

Can't think what else I'm forgetting, but that was pretty much my day, anyway!

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