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Busy (L O N G) Day.

This has been a long (damn) day. Very long. And very busy. I was in a lot of pain today, but I did NOT take a pain pill. I'm in a LOT of pain right now, for that matter.

I don't think as well when I'm in pain, there's no doubt. And my memory isn't as good. But what the hell. I'm doing the very best I can, under the circumstances. I only have to hang in there for a few more days, then this damn tooth will be extracted and I'll be on the way toward healing... (And hopefully out of pain...)

I did a couple of loads of dishes today and picked up the kitchen a little bit. This is ridiculous! I did a ton of stuff today, but as I'm sitting here trying to list it, nothing much is coming to mind. Well, it's after 11:00 and I was still working a minute ago, putting away the food from dinner and taking out the last of the recycling and composting. So what the hell.

I actually pulled some weeds in the side boulevard. This makes me nuts, as we pay for this -- and I don't ever want to find it necessary to be pulling weeds. But it is what it is.

Then at one point today, I went out in the back yard. I was going to check on one thing, but saw the area between our deck and fence and went nuts. What a disaster! Stuff growing out of the ground everywhere! It's bad enough that our entire back fence is covered with blackberry vines (and I mean covered) from the damn house behind us. Hector has poisoned these, but they're all over the fence and the back of our yard. I was out there yanking on them and trying not to get thorns all over. (Later on I found a big thorn in my shoe, of course.)

We've let the yard go since getting the beach house. We just haven't had the time, energy or motivation to spend on it. We got the beach house in early 2012. So that means this is the third summer we've just let things go back there. Yeah, we still have Hector mowing and blowing leaves. But there's a hell of a lot more work that goes into our rather large back yard.

We need to get a bunch of stuff hauled away. And get rid of all our lawn furniture, which we're NOT going to use anymore, anyway. The best thing we could do is eliminate all the old flower pots and other such stuff, and all the furniture, too. Then use some minimal way to maintain the yard. As I wrote to Marilyn in an email today, we actually could stand to lost a tree or two back there, as well.

I was yanking stuff and moving furniture around and just sort of 'tidying' things -- and sweating up a storm, because it was hot and I can't do heat at all this year. So finally I had to just quit and go in the house to cool down. Again, THANK GOD (and Marilyn's hard work as a bread winner) that we're able to have air conditioning. I couldn't function at all without it, clearly.

Then I got in and started doing the garbage and recycling (cat boxes and so on) -- and composting. I put tons out for whatever critters happen to come along. June wrote that she saw a huge rat, but I wonder if it wasn't an opossum. We've had them around here before -- and they DO look just like huge rats, right down to those creepy rat-like tails. Or maybe it was a huge rat. Either way, I just don't care. I hope it was eating all that food I had out there. Hahaha. I know the crows will eat ALMOST ANYTHING, as they're like us (people) and omnivorous. Tons of creatures are omnivores, of course, so I'm not trying to state the obvious. Hahaha.

Marilyn got home very late, so we had dinner far later than last night.

She phoned me around 7:00 and asked if I was planning to go to work tomorrow. I wasn't, originally, but she really needs my help, so of course I'm going to help if I can. So I'll be heading in Friday to the office. I haven't been there in ages, so it's about time.

I plan to get to bed early, as I'm BEAT. I think I'll take a pain pill and call it a day.

Reading a new book I need to share about later. Also have some photos I really want to share. Later. Just later.

I made Marilyn some candied peppers today, finally. I haven't done that in ages...

Sister Sue took me to get kitty litter. And I hate a Peanut Buster Parfait. I haven't had one in years! That's the only thing I did eat until dinner time. I tried toast for breakfast, but chewing kills my mouth. (And so did the ice cream and dinner, for that matter... Oh well.)

I tried to phone Sue for ages this evening, but couldn't reach her on either phone. I wonder if she was sleeping, or what?

Marilyn gave me stuff for the RHSAA eNewsletter, which I've almost finished. And I need to make changes at the website, too.

Can't think of what else I did today, so it probably doesn't matter...

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