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Blogging? Yes, I Love It!

Still in that frame of mind where I'm having to force myself to blog -- and NO, that's not like me at all. But right now it's difficult for me to be motivated about anything. So I'm sure it's going to pass. And I'm cutting myself a lot of slack.

But I feel I'll want to remember this later on. And that's a really big part of why I blog: To keep track from year to year how I feel at any given time. I'm constantly going back and reading some old entry, recalling what was going on and what I've written about it...

Right now, I'm all about the pain I'm experiencing. And how I'm coping with it from day to day. What I can -- and cannot -- accomplish. This is actually very enlightening.

Today I sat at my computer and wrote some fiction. That makes me feel good, actually. Because we have to function in spite of pain. And many people function that way all the time.

Of course, I've dealt with pain on differing levels for much of my life. I've had arthritis since I was 30. I constantly seem to have some dental problem (the current one has bothered me around a year and a half before getting 'really bad' recently). I've had the issues with my right hip and right heel and right wrist for decades, now. These pains are just a regular part of life, I guess. I mention them when they flare up and get worse, but just deal with them when they're 'normal.' Lately my finger joints 'crack' frequently. Yes, it hurts when it happens, but certain pain is there, maybe to remind us that it can be worse. Or that we're still alive and functioning. Who knows?

The thing is, I try very hard to avoid pain meds, as a rule. When I had surgery, I barely used what she gave me, even during the days directly after the surgery. But I've been using them a lot more than I normally would with this damn tooth. Still, I fight taking much of anything, prescription or otherwise.

I'm fascinated by my moods right now. Marilyn was mentioning how NOT taking the pain pills makes me 'catatonic in a different way' -- which I found interesting! She has always been very in tune with my mood shifts, that's for sure.

Anyway, I was actually read some other blogs today, which was lovely!!! And now I want to spend time commenting to other blogs, too. This feels like a good time to catch up with my life!

I sort of messed with cleaning a drawer today. I did finish my Kindle book about minimalism and green cleaning. Interesting. But much of the day I did just lie around and snooze or sleep.

Marilyn got home around 8:00 tonight -- yes, another long day. So that's when we had dinner: Leftover spaghetti (yummy). Marilyn had the salad (I wish I dared!). And I made coffee and garlic toast. Good food.

It was overcast and humid today. So I ran the A/C and was quite comfy, thankfully.

Sister Sue and I talked a couple of times, but Marilyn was too busy for that. But we did have another lovely chat while she was driving home.

The 'new' car is great, because it has bluetooth for her cell. She has ALWAYS used hands-free for her cell, but this is a new level! Really safe, thank God. It allows us to talk while she really concentrates on driving. I'd say it's the same as if I were sitting beside her in the car.

Well, probably a boring day. And I was sleeping right before getting up to blog. So guess what I'll be doing soon? (smile)

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