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More Pain? Yeah...

Before I write about my day, I have to mention the loss of icon Robin Williams. Tonight I was crying and having a hard time stopping. It's a terrible thing. He'll certainly be missed.

And, yeah, I'm going to go there: For me, suicide just makes me crazy. I suppose I need to let it go. I've always been okay with terminally ill people making that choice -- and who am I to say that Robin wasn't exactly that ill from depression? I'm just angry about his choice. It's selfish of me, when I think about it. I'll miss all the joy he would have shared in the future with all of us. Okay, I'll stop. But even as I type this I just want to sob...

As for today, Marilyn didn't wake me, so I stayed home from work, again. But I did Remote in and spent hours catching up. (About time, I suppose.) She had Executive Board this morning and a very busy schedule. (She didn't get home until 8:30.) She was so busy we didn't talk very much.

I was on the computer when we started having thunder, so I decided to do other chores (that don't risk lightning strikes). Yeah, I saw a show that was about people being struck by lightning INSIDE their homes (!!!). We should avoid our computers during storms, anyway.

I decided to continue work in the living room. So I emptied our curio cabinet, dusted and cleaned it. Then I emptied the shelves of our entertainment unit (sort of like half TV stand and half curio cabinet with a glass door in front). I rearranged the contents into the actual curio cabinet, combining what we wanted from the two.

Then I had to deal with left over contents, including all the stuff that was on top of the entertainment unit. I kept going back and forth to my computer and the living room.

Somewhere along the way I set my dental appointment for my extraction (next Tuesday, August 19, at 11:30). I was pleased to hear my dental coverage went into effect on August 7, just like I'd been told. Anyway, I got another set of antibiotics and more pain meds.

When calling in the meds, I discover that I no longer have coverage for prescriptions!!! I'm pretty upset, considering I'm on a lot of meds and NEED that coverage. It takes hours and numerous phone calls to fix this, but I wouldn't let it go. I just kept calling! I got pretty spazzed out about it, but I felt that was with good reason.

Then I washed my hair. And after that I phoned sister Sue, and she took me to pick up my meds. She also took me to Freddies, where I got green beans and a chunk of watermelon to have with dinner.

After I got home, I went to June's to help with her computer.

I hadn't taken any pain meds all day long, and I was hurting pretty bad -- and I was cranky. And at first I was pretty discouraged, as it didn't seem I was going to be able to do anything. But I was pleased that I was able to finally fix her issue -- and change some settings, too. So it was all good.

I got her a new wireless mouse. (I had a spare at home, brand new.) I hadn't realized how old her mouse was -- instead of those tiny dongles that wireless mice use now, she had a mouse that used a cord that plugged into a USB port and had a huge receiver. The reciever was the same size as the mouse! (yikes) It was time for a new one! Hahaha. Anyway, I was there a couple of hours.

By the way, June and Jim have been SO sweet about Henry. They gave us canned food and milk when he needed it. And today I was explaining WHY I hadn't bought more food to replace it (just couldn't find the same kind!), and they told me to forget it. So generous... (I love them like family.)

It was HOT at June and Jim's house. I'm so sensitive to the heat right now. Especially since this damn tooth. I felt pretty crappy when I got home. But our house was cool, so I was able to start dinner. I made spaghetti, garlic toast, salad, green beans and coffee. I fixed it too early, but that's okay. Marilyn and I don't mind heating up our food.

After that I was on my iPad until Marilyn phoned on her way home. We had a nice chat, as always.

Marilyn remembered the tomatoes we had -- I'd planned to buy some, but forgot. I added those to the salad.

So we're eating dinner, and suddenly I'm SICK. So nauseous I can barely get to the bathroom! Marilyn said I literally turned GREEN. I guess it was the (wonderful!!!) salad that made me ill. Hard to know. It might have been the pain from the tooth, the heat, the lettuce (which sometimes makes me sick) or any combination of those. Anyway, after some time passed, I settled down and could finish eating. (But NOT the salad...)

We watched some TV tonight, including stuff about Robin Williams.

Yeah, back to where we started. Marilyn finally talked me into taking a pain pill -- and I took a whole one, not a half. Can't WAIT to have this pain gone... Tuesday seems a long way off right now.

Just cleaned out a file cabinet drawer, then moved the contents of another file drawer directly into the empty drawer. Then I took some of the stuff off Marilyn's coffee table in the family room, and stuck it in the newly empty drawer. She needed to free up some space.

We both have these 'laptop' tables from IKEA in the family room (I think they're Dave...). Both are black. By the way, they had some new version when we were last at IKEA (!!!), so it looks like they don't make Dave anymore! What a shame! We love those tables so much! (We have white ones at the beach house.) we like to keep them pretty empty, so we can use them for a variety of things (which in my case includes my laptop, now and then, hahaha). I often eat food on mine. We eat most meals sitting here, in front of TV. How retro of us! Hahaha!

We need to head to bed soon...

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