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Catching Up: Friday-Monday (August 8-11)

I can't believe how many days it's been since I blogged. Why? I've been in pain from the bad tooth I mentioned (lower left back -- it's been bothering me for months, but suddenly got BAD around a week or so ago). As I wrote, I saw Mary on Tuesday (August 5), who gave me an antibiotic for the infection, and strong meds for the constant pain. Dealing with both the pain and the medications has had me pretty messed up. I haven't eaten well, slept right and I've really lacked motivation to do much, including the motivation to blog. Sad, huh?

FRIDAY (August 8)

I did finish up the project to clean up the flooding in Marilyn's bedroom. I got the bookcase back and put all the books away. That's about as motivated as I could be... I spent the rest of the day lying around, sleeping, watching TV and nibbling (I've barely been eating lately).

SATURDAY (August 9)

Pretty much a repeat of Friday in the morning. But I did have a hair appointment at 2:30 p.m. With Dee, who gave me a much-needed cut. After that, Marilyn and I drove to The Kruger Farm on Sauvie Island, and had food (hot dogs and corn on the cob).

SUNDAY (August 10)

We did nothing much of the day. Then Marilyn and I drove up the Columbia River Gorge last night, first going to the Pilot Truck Stop, then crossing the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge to head to Washington state.

Then we went to Stonehenge. We thought we'd check on whether or not we could see the 2014 Perseids Meteor Showers. (We've watched them there many times over the years. We went up there LAST YEAR and could really see them great.)

But as we got up in that area, it was pretty clear that there wouldn't be any decent visibility this year. There were TWO reasons. We're experiencing a 'Super Moon' right now, and the goal would always be the exact opposite, to have very little moon showing. A bright moon takes away from seeing the 'shooting stars.' Plus we've got a lot of forest fires right now, and the smoke up the Gorge was awful!

But we kept going. We always have fun driving to the Pilot Truck Stop. And before we we got there, we got McDonald's (mango smoothies and jalapeno burgers).

It was creepy over at Stonehenge -- it's been that way before. We didn't get out of the car this year. There was only one other car, never a good thing, I'm afraid. Well, there was nothing to see, anyway...

Poor Marilyn had a bad reaction to all the smoke, but we still thought it was fun, believe it or not!

MONDAY (August 11)

This morning Rick from our furnace (oil) company came back, so he could do a 'leak search' on the A/C and figure out where the freon was leaking out. It took him an hour and a half and the A/C had to be off while he was here (!!!). Today was a very hot day. It only (ONLY???) made 99' and not 100' -- so I guess it could have been worse. But it wasn't great having the A/C off at all.

The cost for this was more then $300 (!!!). So we've had to spend more than $600 that wasn't budgeted on our air conditioning. (sigh)

It's a great relief to have A/C today, believe me. But there isn't a single hot day that we BOTH don't feel VERY BLESSED. We know we're lucky to have the system. (We spent most of our lives without it.)

Marilyn got her hair done today. So we both have that done for now.

I need to phone Mary this week about when she wants to pull this damn tooth. But I suppose she'll want me to do another round of antibiotics. She usually likes me to do teo. The pain is bad, so I'm anxious to have the extraction, and be dealing with the healing process...

Back to work tomorrow.

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