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Tooth Pain Really Sucks...

This has been a long, PAINFUL day...

I needed to get a bunch of things DONE today, so I just couldn't take my heavy-duty pain meds and zone out. (sigh) And without those, I just had to suffer.

Here's a list of SOME of the things I got done today:
1. Set the appointment for the leak search for Monday.
2. Called and chatted with Donn about IT, etc.
3. Emptied out the tall bookcase in Marilyn's bedroom. (Big job!)
4. Moved both the bookcase and the brass box. (Not as easy as it sounds.)
5. Put down towels on the wet area.
6. Ran out of towels, so started washing and drying piles of them.
7. Applied mold spray on the wet area in Marilyn's bedroom.
8. Set up the box fan on the wet area.
9. Set up the small electric heater on the wet area.

That was the start to my day.

Later I texted with Mark -- we were suppose to have lunch today. Maybe next week!

And I kept switching towels towels and moving the fan and heater around -- plus dumping out the dehumidifier. Just heavily monitoring the entire situation in there. We really don't want mold or any odor...

I remembered to give Henry his pill, which he really needs right now. It might sound silly, but these pain meds make me really fuzzy about things. I guess it's normal, but it's not easy when you have a lot of stuff you need to get done! My memory is for crap right now. (sigh)

I gave Henry the last of the soft food from June and Jim. It's been wonderful for him, while he's so hungry and can barely stand the hard food on his poor throat!

I also gathered up some food for the crows to eat, and put out water for them. They need that water with all this heat.

Marilyn came home for lunch, so I heated up leftover spaghetti for both of us. But I didn't end up fixing us any dinner this evening -- poor Marilyn!

Right now I need to start working on the garbage and recyling, which is a big mess this week, for whatever reason. I can't believe that I've barely started it! (big sigh) All I want to do is take MORE pain pills (!!!) and go back to sleep. But I must get the garbage done and put out.

Stalling? Yeah.

Well, if I want more pain meds (I do!!!), then I'd better get to it. Pain is quite a motivator! Hahaha.

I was supposed to go over and help June tonight, but I didn't wake up. Maybe tomorrow... I feel bad, but I'm sort of struggling through right now.

Marilyn originally planned to take off work tomorrow, but decided against it.

Well, that's enough stalling. Goodnight folks!

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