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Happy Birthday, Dad! Street of Dreams...

Today is Dad's birthday -- he would have been 94 today, had he lived. Wow! Just imagine. (Yes, he was born in 1920.) how about that, sisters? (Marilyn and Sue?)

A few notes: Dad would be thrilled about how close Sue, Marilyn and I are now. He'd be proud of what we three have accomplished in life, and he'd love the recent changes to our home. He really liked this house...

This was a long (!!!) and really busy day! My damn tooth was still killing me all day long. OUCH!!! Thank God for those pain pills Mary gave me. However, there were big periods of time today when I had to skip them, because they make me soooooo sleepy!

Marilyn headed off to work, and I waited for the arrival of Rick, who would work on our air conditioning unit. Rick came in and looked at things, then went to the outside part of the A/C unit and turned it OFF -- but had me keep the air circulating in the house. It was frozen, and needed several hours to thaw, so Rick left for a time.

I had to put down towels all over because of the wet around the furnace, which unfortunately had gone through the wall and into Marilyn's bedroom -- a whole new place flooded, near the bookcase.

I took half a pill and dozed until he returned (except for replacing towels). Then he returned and we went outside so he could show me some of the maintenance he was doing. He opened the unit up and had to hose things down.

Then he added freon -- it needed six ponds, which is apparently unheard of. So he needs to return next week to search for a leak in the line. Anyway, the cost today was $330 (!!!), but it's going to cost more before we're done. But what else could we do? It's been miserable without it.

After he left, I was going to sleep a little longer, but June was having issues with her iPad, so I went over there and helped her for a bit.

When I got home, Marilyn came home early to pick me up. We were invited to a special event at the annual Street of Dreams -- dinner and touring. They even had a live band performing! This year it's located in Happy Valley, so we had quite a long drive in horrible traffic to get there. I'm pleased by how well we managed.

It was great seeing Mac and Rhonda (our hosts)! Mac was the festival president back in 2000. We've known him for years. There was a nice dinner, with strawberry shortcut after, with real biscuits! Nice!

The houses were amazing, of course. Made with beautiful materials and so on. But I was struck by the small size of many of the rooms and closets in these million-dollar-plus homes. Marilyn currently has a huge walk-in closet in her bedroom, and I have two closets in mine. So... Makes us appreciate what we have, even if we have issues with our house.

We stopped at Safeway on the way home, but didn't buy much. And it was lovely coming home to a chilled house! I immediately took half a pain pill and went to sleep in the family room. Normally I can't sleep in front of the TV, but that certainly wasn't the case tonight!

I did work on the ants again today, along with minding the furnace|a/c. They aren't 100% gone, but much better than yesterday and early morning!

It was a long and exhausting day, anyway.

I did talk to sister Sue today, who was doing better. She had a rough day yesterday, poor thing.

I was supposed to see Mark tomorrow for lunch, but I think that's going to have to wait. The tooth pain is not really under control, yet. And I'll probably be messing with the damp carpet, and setting the next appointment.

I just remembered that Byram Healthcare phoned today and asked me to call them, so I need to do that tomorrow, too.

I did get a hair appointment for Saturday afternoon with Dee for a cut, thank God. I've needed it for ages. Marilyn has her hair appointment on Monday.

Henry begged for more June-and-Jim food today. I was very nervous to go there, as it was that food that originally drew the damn ants (!!!). But I made him a dish and heated it, then gave it to him in the laundry room. He ate it all up. He's still congested and 'gaggy,' but seems much better.

Just had to empty the dehumidifier in Marilyn's bedroom! I could barely lift the 'bucket,' it was so full! Sure glad we have that unit.

And that's my day, in a nutshell. Still having a lot of pain, but I'm hanging in there. Oh! I didn't mention that my blood was 90 this morning, which is great. It was more than 180 yesterday (probably from the pain), so the improvement made me happy.

Lots to do tomorrow...

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