CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Suffering. And More Suffering.

It's nearly 4:30 a.m. Marilyn and I are both awake, sort of reclining in our family room downstairs. (She's on the sofa, and I'm on the 'lounge' I've made from the chair, plus two ottomans.) We have two windows open with small fans going: One in the family room, and one in her bedroom. It's miserably hot in here, but much hotter upstairs.

I just came back downstairs from my third 'battle' of fighting ANTS (!!!) in our kitchen. They're everywhere.

I just felt some DEEP throbbing pain in my infected tooth. Ouch. And I'm constantly fighting off drowsiness from the pain medication. Henry is sleeping above my head, and Colin is wandering around the room. Marilyn is typing on her iPad.

We've stopped thinking about the cost of fixing our a/c -- whatever it costs, we need it working. We just can't deal with this heat.

The ants were drawn in by the smell of the cat food I've been feeding Henry. I probably have seen this many ants before, but I don't remember when. What a mess! They've even gone up on the CEILING in one spot! And they're on counters they usually don't go on.

I've probably killed around 90% of what was originally there. Hopefully I'll get the rest tomorrow.

I moved all the art that was stored in the closet where our furnace resides. And Marilyn picked up and vacuumed the carpet. The guy from our oil company should be here around 10:00, praise the Lord!!!

I'm going to take the other half of my pain pill now, and check my body for stray ants.

When it rains, it pours -- that's the old saying...

Tags: 2014, air-conditioning, ants, august-2014, cats, clean, colin-and-henry, heat, marilyn, pain, suffering, toothache, vacuum, weather

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