CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Dental Appointment

It's pretty MISERABLE in our house again today, with the air conditioning not working. It's cooler today, but that still means the high 80's (!!!). Can't wait for the person to come out here tomorrow. Just hope it won't be too expensive to fix.

I phoned about my insurance for dental again today. Got through to the number on my paperwork, and the man wastes my time explaining things I didn't need to know -- before finally telling me that he can't help me. He gives me another number to call, and they help me change to ODS, which Mary accepts. It will be effective on August 7, so it didn't cover today, unfortunately.

The tooth I thought was the problem? Nope. That one had a root canal in the past. The one in back that's been bothering me for months is the one. It's infected, so I'm on antibiotics (yes, again). But Mary ALWAYS gives me an anti-nausea pill, so I'm good to go.


I started this entry HOURS ago, but after taking half of a pain pill (Hydrocodon-Acetaminophin), I ended up dozing in my chair in front of the TV. They can make you dizzy and/or sleepy, so this is no surprise. Plus it's HOT in here, so that adds to the desire to snooze. (And I could barely sleep last night for the pain. This made my blood sugar really high this morning -- in the 180's -- even though I barely ate yesterday. Pain will do that.)

Just took the second half of my pain pills, as my mouth is throbbing now. And Marilyn and I each ate an ice cream bar. It reminds me of buying goodies from the 'Ice Cream Man' when we were kids. How special that was!

I think I need a nap. I'm falling asleep again.

Worried about sister Sue who had her first-ever nose bleed today (!!!). Personally, I've been prone to them my entire life, as was my dad. But not Sue! And she's on blood thinner, so this can be serious. I pray she'll be okay...

Gosg, I hope they can fix the a/c tomorrow! This is so awful.

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