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A Good Day: Dinner and Visit

Marilyn and I had a good day. We went and got our pedicures AND manicures out of the way.

I also phoned and set up a dental appointment for tomorrow (sister Sue is kindly taking me) at 11:15. I'm in a lot of pain tonight, so I hope Mary can do something for me. But I suspect she won't actually drill or whatever tomorrow. Anyway, I'd love some serious pain meds, to be honest!

I also phoned our oil/furnace company and set up an appointment about our air conditioning. Someone is coming out Wednesday. We just hoping it won't be too expensive.

Actually, I'm hoping my dental work won't cost that much... (sigh)

As for my dental coverage, the Oregon Health Plan supposedly started to offer more coverage as of January 2013. I've been suspicious the entire time, though. I asked Shannon about it today. It turns out that they don't accept CareOregon, which is what I have (of course). There are two options they DO take, so I tried to phone and find out about making a change. First I tried one number. I held for 18 minutes, and quit at 12:30 (their lunch break). So I tried a second number, but gave up after holding for 30 minutes. I'll need to try again tomorrow morning, I guess.

I wish I could say positive things about Obamacare, but I'm not sure it's had a positive effect on the Oregon Health Plan, which I feel should be an example for the entire nation.

OHP used to cover dental work years ago, when I first went to Mary, but that hasn't been true for years. My recent dental work has really been difficult for Marilyn -- very expensive. (sigh) I do try to take care of my teeth. But being diabetic makes it worse. Anyway...

Marilyn really wants to get a new TV for our living room. The one there is 24 years old (!!!). We got it when we first moved into our last house. It's old and bulky and can't display the full width of an average show, but it still works! Zenith makes good TVs. All these unexpected expenses are messing with our potential TV budget... Well, I'm praying they won't cost much!

The evening was great! It was wonderful getting our Writing Circle group together again: Angel, sister Sue, Dick, Marilyn and me. We started with dinner at The Burrito House (which Marilyn kindly paid for), then came back here for drinks and catching up. Dick read from the book he helped with, Marilyn had me read from my short story I submitted in the contest, Marilyn shared the Facebook post she wrote that went viral and Angel shared a poem he'd written. All five of us are excited to get the group going again and to get back to writing regularly. We set our next meeting, so that's a step in the right direction.

The heat in the house was pretty miserable. Our visitors were really suffering. What a pain! Can't wait to get this FIXED!!! Thankfully there's supposed to be some relief from all this 90-degree-plus weather!

Anyway, off to bed soon. Marilyn has work tomorrow. I hate not going in, but the dental appointment is more important...

Oh! And Henry is doing really well today! He's far from 100%, but much improved.

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