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Doing a Lot of Praying for Henry

Been doing a lot of praying about poor Henry Tudor Cat. Happily, he does seem better tonight.

Got some canned (soft) cat food from June and Jim, plus some fresh milk. While I was next door, Marilyn heard/saw Henry eating and drinking water! And he immediately ate some of the canned food, too, hungry boy. (But he wasn't interested in the milk. Oh well.)

The thing is, because of his medical condition and the medication he takes, Henry eats frequently. Maybe just a bite or two, but he needs food available day and night to keep his energy up. And we always have water for the boys. An aside: One of the things Henry hates about the drive to the beach is how hungry he gets!

June and Jim came over late tonight. We wanted June to see all our new things, and Jim was very kindly hanging our curtain rod for our new sheers. It was a LOT of work, so it certainly was nice of him to bring his power screwdriver and do this job. Marilyn hung some wall stuff while Jim was working, and June and I chatted about the room and the cat.

We're unfortunately having some issue with our central air (!!!). I need to phone about this tomorrow and see what can be done about it. The house was up to 87' in yhe living room tonight. Good heavens! I did check the filter and mess with the thermostat. But I don't know if it helped or not. We've gone down one degree, but the last time I checked it was still 86'. It just figures that we'd be dealing with miserable heat when we're having company tomorrow night! Plus it was awful for June and Jim tonight, too!!!

My toothache is bothersome. But I can't reach my dentist until Tuesday, so I'll just have to suffer through. Oh well. Then who knows how long it will take to get in?

We're going to watch Henry and decide if he needs to see the vet. The main reasons would be if he doesn't hydrate enough (to give him a bag of fluids), or to get him antinausea medication. But he seems to be eating -- and keeping it down -- so that might not be necessary. It would be nice not to need to take him, as the other times he's had one of these spells, seeing the vet has NOT helped. Plus we really don't need that bill right now...

Marilyn and I got a movie and a pizza today. The movie was "Transcendence," with Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, and Morgan Freeman. It was interesting, but mostly frustrating, with a really bad ending. I would not recommend it.

We were up all night with Henry, so did not go shopping as planned. Too tired, plus we didn't want to leave him home alone. Really worn out tonight...

We need to get a manicure AND pedicure tomorrow (sigh). And finish getting things ready for tomorrow night. (I really hope Henry continues to get better!)

Hope we have enough alcohol in the house. We really don't keep much around, as a rule, but we'll want something to serve tomorrow night. Looking forward to dinner and our visit!

We also want to go to dinner with June and Jim. We've been hoping to do that since February (Jim's bday).

Time for bed soon.

By the way, saw a show (doesn't matter what it was) that left off with someone locked in a trunk with no possible help, in a car that was shoved into water, where the woman would clearly drown. I find this CRAP awful and ridiculous. I don't normally watch this series, so for me, this person just died horribly. Reminds of that book I read where everyone was dying -- which I assume was not going to happen if you were willing to read the sequel. I really HATE this stuff.

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