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Poor Henry!

Henry had a terrible SPELL tonight. It was very much like December, 2010 (Christmas), when we almost lost him. He was trying to throw up -- we assume he was trying to get up a fur ball. He was choking and his mouth was hanging open and he was slobbering and then he got frightened (probably from not being able to breathe!!!) and he turned into a wild cat, ripping around and violent.

We managed to calm him down, but there was little we could do for him. And we both agreed the last time that we'd NEVER take him to emergency again, because we believe they made him much, much worse there. We feel the every minute he's been alive since that Christmas is a gift, considering all of his life-long health issues. He has such an amazing will to live. And he has always managed to find ways around all his issues. Anyway, we tried to give water, and we also tried ice cream, thinking it might sooth his poor throat.

In 2010, they put a probe down his already injured throat, and Henry wouldn't eat for ages. We never reasoned it out in 2010, and we probably won't now, either.

The thing is, Henry has SERIOUS medical problems. We do our best to care for him, and always have. But nobody lives forever, and one day Henry will be moving on, just like all of us. We're ready to deal with this, if it comes to that. But who knows? He's just a wonderful, loving kitty. He's actually an inspiration, the way he enjoys each day and doesn't let his poor health deter him. What a GOOD BOY he is. How blessed we are to have him in our lives.

Poor Colin is also upset by this, by the way...

As for the rest of the day, Marilyn and I spent time working on the living room earlier today.

Last night we had to make a LOT of comments about IKEA furniture! Why is it SO HARD to put IKEA furniture together? For example, we got a cool table at IKEA to use as a sideboard. The top of the table is one piece, and the four legs are separate pieces. You take the metal plates and attach them to the top -- and it takes FIVE screws per each metal plate! Marilyn did every one, and it was really hard to do. She ended up with several blisters. As she said, why wouldn't they attach those plates? You can't use the top without legs! So even if they sell it in pieces, the plates need to be on. Very annoying. We've had more than one piece of IKEA furniture that were a pain to assemble. We paid Ralph to do one at the beach...

But we had no trouble hanging some art today (and taking down old art). The new piece over the mantle is wonderful, and looks great there! And so does the new piece in the foyer! And the big, orange metal peace symbol also in the foyer.

I made spaghetti for lunch today, with green beans. (Wow, did I burn the garlic toast! Oh well.)

I have a toothache, damn it. I'll need to get in and see Mary next week (I hope)!

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