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Lunch With Sister Sue and Nicole. McDonald's Tonight.

Marilyn had to go into the office today for a meeting. I stayed home and did some picking up. All the mess from taking things out of the living room was making me pretty nuts! But I improved it a little bit, anyway. Then I took a shower and washed my hair (which needs coloring, but I've been too busy and then tired recently).

We went to lunch with sister Sue and her granddaughter Nicole. Well, to be more accurate, Sue, Marilyn and I had lunch, while Nicole drank water and watched us eat. (She got food to go for later.) We were excited to have them both over to see the floor in the living room. And Nicole always likes to see Colin Kitty, who she loves so much. He was hiding (!!!), so it took some time to find him. I have no idea what that was about! But he's always happy to see Nicole. Those two have some special bond!

The current family drama? Nicole's dad got reservations to go to the beach without telling her, taking her away from her cousin's 17th birthday. Mady must be really disappointed. Often Nicole and her dad are in California for her bday. At least Nicole got to be there last year for Mady's 16th bday party (which was a big thing). Marilyn and I like how close the two girls are...

Marilyn and I spent the afternoon watching TV and sleeping. This evening we went out shopping and window shopping. We did get a new curtain rod and some draperies for the living room, plus some odds and ends. And looked at furniture and new art and pillows and so on.

Tomorrow morning we go to get our furniture! We're meeting Hector there. So exciting!

We had the McDonald's Jalapeno Double burger tonight for the first time. (Read THIS review.) it was DELICIOUS!!! Wow!

Tonight was fun: It felt like a summer evening, being out and about...

Right now we're watching American Ninja Warrior on our DVR. Love that show.

More tomorrow!

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