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Cleaning the Hardwood Floors in the Living Room

This was an AWESOME day for Marilyn and me!!!

Exhausting? Yes.

Are we both sore all over? Yes.

But we worked TOGETHER in our living room, cleaning the hardwood floors. This is probably the first time they've been cleaned this well since we first moved in the house, because we removed almost every single piece of furniture (and the area rug) from the room, uncovering all the floor at one time. Over the years, I'd have to scoot furniture this way and that, roll the rug halfway here, then halfway there, getting to as much of the floor as I could. And it was exciting to share the work.

We used Murphy's Oil Soap, which is what I've used ever since we moved in. But we have to use it very carefully, as our floors are NOT sealed. That means we do it on hands and knees (literally), and it's 'wax on, wax off' -- meaning we scrub (carefully!) the floor with the soapy water, then immediately use masses of paper towels to DRY the floor as we go. If it doesn't sound like a ton of work, then I've failed to describe it properly. Hahaha!

Getting up and down and up and down? Um, ouch! And when I say scrub, I mean using some elbow grease. Actually, my shoulders and arms are feeling it tonight! (grin) And my hands have some serious arthritis, so... But it's TOTALLY worth it! The floor looks amazing!

No, it's not perfect. Far from it. These are the original floors in a house built in 1954, and the living room floor has a wall of tall windows that are not covered. You can imagine the damage from sun alone. The last family had BIG dogs they allowed inside, so there are scratches. Some are probably from dragging furniture without being careful. But really, the floor looks damn good.

We still need to make the pickup/delivery arrangements, hopefully Tuesday morning (!!!) -- Hector is on board for that, so we just need to check with Frank and Becky. Marliyn and I can't wait!

Meanwhile, the cats are a bit traumatized, little wonder! They're indoor cats, so the house is their whole world, and they spend more time in the living room than we do. By the way, they both 'helped' us almost the entire time (except for Colin during any running of the vacuum).

After cleaning, we finally ate our leftovers (plus some green beans not leftover) for a late lunch/early dinner. After that we watched some TV and had long naps.

I woke up so miserable that at first I couldn't reason out WHY I was in such pain, hahaha. But I feel better now. I wonder how we'll feel tomorrow?

We plan to do some shopping at HomeGoods to get a new coffee table (we gave Hector the old one, with the matching end table), plus some other items. We LOVE shopping there so much! (We got lots of stuff there for our beach house.)

Can't wait to see how different it's going to look by the end of this week!

Meanwhile, I've got to reason out WHERE I'm going to PUT tons of stuff that came out of the living room and is currently piled in my bedroom, or the office (and even the hallways). You can just barely get in my bedroom right now (sigh).

Work tomorrow. Marilyn is normally off ALL Mondays this time of year, plus this should be a vacation week for us. But all the time off means making it up this week. Oh well. We are taking Friday off for sure to go to The Dalles and see Angel perform, then go to lunch with him.

Night, everyone!

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