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Lost My Wallet.

This would have been a somewhat stressful, but exciting thing: Hector came this morning to haul off old furniture -- to make room for the new furniture! However, in the process, we needed to pay him. I had cash money in my wallet. But my wallet is missing.

Marilyn has been WONDERFUL, giving me so much support during this.

The last time I know I had it was at Fred Meyer on Thursday. Checked with their lost and found, but no go.

I've gone through every place I think it could be...

I did check my accounts to see if there had been activity on either of my accounts (checking or savings), or on my VISA credit card. The answer is no, but that doesn't mean that someone else doesn't have the wallet.

Aside from the cash ($80 - $100), it has all my cards: VISA, bank debit card, ID (expensive and complicated to replace!), medical card, the account numbers for both checking and savings (no passwords, but still...), plus all my store cards. There were also stamps and some other personal items... I'm not even sure what all.

I guess I should lay it all out and take PHOTOS for reference purposes. Great to think of that NOW. (sigh)

Anyway, my blood sugar numbers went sky high, I was so upset. And we were doing stuff in the heat (which we knew would happen).

Now we're going to REST, preparing for tomorrow. We want to do the floor in the living room (by hand, on our hands and knees), and clean the room. We're hoping to set up for getting the furniture on Tuesday morning... That gives us time to get ready, thankfully! The heat is against us (as I've said before, it's difficult to cool the living room no matter what when it's very hot), but we'll manage...

Nap time. (Still praying I find my wallet, but it does NOT look hopeful!)

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