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Staff Party Day

Today was our annual Staff Party, held at Sue and Dennis' house. (As I've mentioned before, this may well be our last such event, with Sue and Dennis moving away to Oklahoma for at least four years.)

Marilyn and I had invited sister Sue to go along, but she didn't feel up to it. That was okay, of course, even though it would have been nice to have her there.

We got to sleep in (!!!), as the event didn't start until 11:00. Of course, we both needed to wash our hair, so that cut into our snooze time a bit (grin).

I took a gift for Sue: two festival coins, one cloisonne and one sterling silver. These were set in wraparound holders that makes them suitable for necklaces (Sue has a charm bracelet she plans to add them to). And I gave her a small pin that was also sterling -- a tiny spoon pin with a rose that was Mom's (and originally Grandma's). She actually cried when she opened them, quite a surprise to me.

Most of the gang was there, including two of the seasonal people. (No interns this year.) it was nice to see both Andy and Tiffany. Donn arrived shortly after we did, and Kris did show (he was one of the last to arrive), too. I was really happy they were there.

Angel always hangs with Marilyn, and as he's gone during the summer (doing his summer gigs), it was great to spend time with him. Rich stuck by me (Merlin had to work), which was also nice. There were tons of kids. I think Marilyn added up 15. They mostly spend time in the pool.

The was lots of alcohol (or bottled water and soft drinks), some wonderful food (which included amazing pulled pork, barbecued by former president Robert) and cake to top it all off. Several amazing salads (the best way to eat pulled pork is with coleslaw -- it becomes your dressing and lettuce -- on a bun), lots of fresh fruit (some huge strawberries!) and crab puffs (yummy!!!). The chocolate cake was fabulous!

The weather was good -- we had sunshine and no rain. It got nicer and warmer as the day went on. But the lounge chair cushions were WET. I'd gotten wet, so I put a pillow in the bad spot. Marilyn didn't do anything, and was soaked when we got home. (yikes)

We came home in the afternoon and immediately took LONG naps. Marilyn was worn out from her work week (and having been sick), and I've been having trouble sleeping (found out my antibiotic causes insomnia).

Went over to June's for a bit and we messed with her iPad. Very fun.

Came home and decided not to go to Walmart tonight. But did eat some late dinner. Yeah, we had a lot of food at the party, but that was hours earlier, after all.

Then I helped Marilyn with a project. Now I'm blogging before bed.

Hector is coming in the morning to haul away furniture. We'll get the 'new' (for us) stuff the first of the week. So exciting!

Night, all!

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