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Exciting (and very busy) Day!

I started my day getting ready to go shopping with sister Sue. My clinic called just as Marilyn was leaving for work -- Leslie is putting me on a new antibiotic. Good grief! I'm frustrated, but oh well.

Any, Sue and I went to Costco, and had fun chatting on the ride there. I got more than I had planned to, and I could have gotten more, still. So many amazing buys! And I priced iPads there, in case June and I might end up going there later to buy her iPad Air.

Sue also took me to get meds at Riteaid and pop at Freddies -- so sweet of her!

After getting stuff in the house, I went over to June's. Her husband Jim had said the iPad Air was on sale at Freddies, so he and I went to check (while June was doing her hair). I had to admit Jim was right -- they were on an amazing sale! $50 less than at the Apple store! And less than at Costco. So we picked it up and headed home.

I spent the rest of the day there helping June set it up and teaching her some basics. There's a lot more to learn, but we'll get there! (grin) It was fun.

But I'm still feeling off. Nauseous and I had a headache much of the day...

No, I didn't get my hair colored. And I totally forgot (!!!) to call Kris back about to tomorrow (I feel awful about that!). And I STILL need to do the garbage and recycling (sigh) and wash my damn hair. And it's nearly midnight...

But at least we get to SLEEP IN tomorrow! (woo hoo)

Staff party tomorrow. Kind of hoping it won't be too rainy or cold (it's an outdoor event). We'll see...

Marilyn had to work very late (!!!) today, poor thing (home by 9:00).

There's more to share, but I'd better get going on the garbage.

Oh! You all know I hate Fifty Shades of Grey (the book), which I found so bad that I couldn't even finish reading it. The trailer for the movie came out today, and it looks pretty hot, I have to admit...

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