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Another Rainy Day

Today was another yucky, rainy day. Happily, the weather should be nice for our Staff Party on Friday, which is an outdoor event.

I stayed home originally because sister Sue and I were planning to go to Costco. But she didn't feel up to it, and preferred going tomorrow. (Which was fine by me.)

So Marilyn was going to come home and drive me to work. But I was really nauseous again today, so she had me stay home. I did phone the clinic this morning, trying to get more anti-nausea medications. Leslie is off on Wednesdays, so I explained my request. They phoned back and told me the doctor on call said I could stop my antibiotic, which is very strong. I've been so feverish, too, which Marilyn discovered was a side effect of the medicine. (I was nauseous on and off much of the day.)

Just heard that Norman Leyden died today. He was 96. But in my mind he is still the handsome 55-year-old man who was my vocal music teacher from college. (Yes, it was a big honor to have this amazing man as a teacher, believe me. We had to audition for the choir, by the way -- one-on-one in a room with him. Talk about stressful!) Well, he lived a long and very full life, that's for sure.

Went over to see June this evening (kind of midway through my dinner). I didn't plan to stay long, but was there a couple of hours, so I just finished eating a bit ago.

We had watermelon, the first we've had this summer. Delicious!

We needed to go to Freddies tonight, but I got back too late for that. We talked about going to Walmart, but I guess we'll shop tomorrow. Neither one of us could get up for going, to tell the truth.

Got more info about the furniture we're buying. We're both excited about it! And we're going to have Hector haul away the old stuff for us. Can't wait. More info when I hear more...

Sue and I are going to Costco in the morning. And June and I are going to go buy her iPad in the afternoon -- very excited for her!

(I've been having a lot of leg cramps the last several days. Need to figure out if it's related to one of my meds. I've been going out of my way to stay hydrated!!!)

Just lazing in the family room as I type this on my own iPad. I imagine we'll head to bed soon.

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