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Today at Work? Surreal...

Yes, today was a bit surreal at the office. It had been ages since Marilyn and I had been there. And it was so quiet. Christine was out on vacation. Rich called in sick, as did Stephanie.

The sick thing is little wonder, but frustrating, of course. Marilyn and I hung in there as best we could, considering. Carol is still hoarse from feeling bad. Poor little Christie is dragging around a huge boot on her left leg. She twisted it, and didn't get medical attention for ages. (Marilyn had that same thing happen back when she injured her foot.) Anyway, Christie needs to be at home so she can properly elevate that very swollen foot/leg.

Jeff is dealing night and day with his teenage runaway daughter, and is exhausted from lack of sleep, poor man.

Thank God for Donn, who came in and worked for hours today!

Marilyn and I took a break mid-day for 'lunch.' Actually, we came home to take a nap. I don't think we'd have made it to the end of the day without it. We're so blessed to live close to home, and to be able to do that!

Oh! This morning was weird! There had been a downpour over night and early today, and it totally snarled traffic in several parts of town. What a mess! Jeff, who usually comes in early each day, was really late getting there. We're do for bad weather again tomorrow, too.

At the end of the day I was nauseous again. I felt miserable driving home. But we had to take the mail to the post office, because nobody else had done it.

Then we stopped at Safeway and picked up Chinese for dinner. And we went to Riteaid to get my prescriptions. While there, we used the blood pressure machine to check mine. It was high, and I had deliberately avoided my meds for it last night, so I'll be taking it again to night.

We finally reasoned out that it's my antibiotic that's causing my nausea -- that's why in past years my dentist always gave me the anti-nausea pills with various prescriptions for antibiotics. Marilyn is always a great help in figuring out this stuff, by the way.

I slept poorly last night. Not sure why, however those treated skin things were bothering me. And my mind was churning.

There's a chance we might be buying some (very lightly used) furniture from some friends for our living room, so I was thinking about cleaning that room to prepare for it. Our current furniture is very old, and pretty beat up, so this would be an exciting change, to say the least!

When we got home here, Marilyn had something to eat. But I couldn't right away. I took the anti-nausea pill, and waited until it went to work. THen I ate, too. (Oh, and I had low blood sugar, as I checked it when I got home...)

After I ate, I went in to lie down. Just tired and feeling yucky. Hopefully I'll be better the rest of the week. There's so much to do!

And Friday is our Staff Party!

Sister Sue had a birthday party to attend tonight, and no cribbage tomorrow night. We might go to Costco tomorrow...

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