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Words to the Wise: Eating Late?

Marilyn and I do a lot of late-night eating. Many times it's not a matter of choice, because when you work crazy late hours, sometimes you have no other time to eat. But our foray for Mexican food late last night was a bad idea. Often it's difficult enough to just eat anything really late -- and especially when you plan to head right to bed after. But adding spicy food into the mix? NOT a good idea!

It was probably the guacamole that did us both in, full of onions. Neither one of us is very tolerant of onions, especially raw. Anyway, let's just say we both suffered for it (especially Marilyn), and ate very little today. Cottage cheeses would be the high point for Sunday. (smile)

We were just watching some old TV -- "Leave it to Beaver" and "Family Affair." Plus there was a mini-marathon of "The Big Valley" today, one of our all-time fave shows! There's something so very comfortable about seeing these old shows. Yeah, we've probably seen them before (although frquently we'll see an episode that is entirely unfamiliar). But so what? I've spent my life re-reading favorite books or comic books, seeing movies over and over and listening to music again and again. We could make the assumption that this is age-related, but I remember as a teen finding one of my Mother's diaries and being delighted to read entries where she went to see a given film more than once -- because she used to give us a hard time for wanting to do that very thing. So we were doing it as kids, and are simply repeating the pattern.

Of course, there are so many more TV choices now than when we were growing up. And obviously Marilyn and I do enjoy some current series (like "Revenge," "Dallas," "The Walking Dead" and more). But we mix it up a lot with the old stuff.

And let's not even get into how much HGTV stuff we watch! Hahaha! That's constant, too.

Gee, when we were kids there was all this doom and gloom about TV -- and how bad it was for you. Really? I can't even say how much I learned from TV, nor begin to express how TV shows inspired me to do research and learn more. And writing? I wouldn't be the writer I am today if not for TV and fandom and writing fanfic...

I'm off on a tangent, I guess. Hahaha.

Speaking of both TV and the movies, they announced the death of James Garner today. Mom and Dad both LOVED "The Rockford Files." I don't honestly remember if they were big fans of his role on "Maverick," but they did watch it all the time. Anyway, They loved him. One of my personal favorites was his role in "The Great Escape." I read that book, by the way, and still own it (old and tattered as it is). Gosh, I hope James will drop by to see Mom and Dad and have a chat about the good old days!

Sister Sue did very well in her cribbage tournament, and even made some money. She leaves for another tournament this Wednesday (that's four weekends in a row). I haven't seen her recently. It was nice to talk by phone, at least. I miss her when we're not in touch.

Marilyn and I are very excited about the wedding we're attending tomorrow night! Our dear friends Arthur and William are finally tying the knot, after years as a devoted couple! We need to go out tomorrow and find something to wear (nothing like waiting until the last minute). Monday will be all about that...

We've having a small cooling trend, which is actually nice, by the way.

Well, off to shower before bed!

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