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Relax! It's Saturday!

I have to mention that I'm concerned about Marilyn, who was once again just burning with fever last night. She feels lousy. I'm really praying her health will improve.

We did watch "RoboCop." It was okay. Abbie Cornish played Clara Murphy (wife of RoboCop). She reminded both of us of Sharon Stone, who we've always liked. Gary Oldman was good, as he always is. And Jackie Earle Haley also had a role, which got us to talking about him. He's been playing bad guy roles since he was a kid. Great to see him continuing to work! And he actually looks a lot better than he did as a kid and younger guy.

I've been spending much of the day reading and snoozing. Nice.

Sister Sue qualified for the Main at her cribbage tournament! I hope she does well tomorrow!

Marilyn and I webt out long enough to get Mexican takeout late tonight.

That's pretty much my day.

Tags: 2014, cribbage, food, july-2014, kindle-paperwhite, marilyn, mexican-food, movie, napping, reading, sister-sue, sleeping

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