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Medical Appointment: Went GREAT!

I talked to Jeff today, after hearing from Marilyn that Jeff's teenage daughter had run away from home, poor man. They did contact the police and had her declared a runaway legally. That way it's easier to deal with anyone who harbors her (it becomes illegal to do so). They don't want her in the system, for many reasons, obviously. Mainly, they don't want her exposed to other teens who can share ideas about how to improve running away.

I told Jeff we were thinking about him and praying for him. We talked for some time. He's going to contact me and update me.

The big news of the day was my appointment to see Leslie (my amazing nurse practitioner). Marilyn and I had been concerned and prepared for bad news. A high A1C and so on. But all the news was GOOD! (Well, mostly.)

My blood pressure was actually low (I've been dealing with high blood pressure), my A1C was down a full point (!!!), my cholesterol was good, I lost three pounds and my anemia is under control. Kidney readings were good.

I need to increase my thyroid meds, but that's okay. I haven't been in since starting it, so we're still regulating the amount. And I have a urinary tract infection, so I need to take an antibiotic to treat that. (And happily she treated a bunch of my annoying skin tags, which is so wonderful for me. These are so annoying, and I haven't had any removed in years and years. For those who deal with them, they're genetic and you just continue to get them over time.)

Marilyn and I were so happy by all these results! Marilyn keeps telling me how proud she is of me, but I have to share the credit with her, for helping me manage my health. She's amazing to work so hard to get me where I need to be.

The Niacin and thyroid meds have clearly made a big difference for me. I'm excited to continue with them. And the increase in thyroid meds might even improve future results. Wow!

Can't wait to get the infection under control. There's some discomfort involved. And imagine how adding exercise could help my health?

So, it was a very good day!

Sister Sue has a cribbage tournament this weekend. I'm dying to talk to her about my appointment.

Marilyn and I are debating getting a movie...

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