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Thursday at Home

Just a nothing, watch-lots-of-TV day. Another day spent downstairs in the family room. I barely went upstairs except to heat leftovers (casserole) for lunch, and to cook spaghetti for dinner. Normal, really, when one (or both) of us is sick. We tend to hang out together and watch old TV shows (like on METV), and movies. The family room has always been where we hung out, since we moved in to the house -- and still is, years later.

That's where we have our large, flatscreen TV, plus comfy furniture and our treadmill. We put in an extender (thanks to Donn!) for our WiFi, so we can easily use our iPads and laptops whenever we want. Because it's downstairs, it's far more comfortable in hot weather. Yeah, we've got central air, but the living room is truly a wall of glass that gets the morning sun, so even with a/c it,s not that comfortable upstairs. It's hard to cook in the heat, because it still gets pretty hot (as I can clearly state from the recent cooking I've done). I haven't been in the office at all lately, to be honest. This is NOT normal for me, by any means. I'm really still a desktop computer person, and my tablet and laptop aren't replacements for that machine. But that said, I'm using my iPad more and more (!!!) to do things, including graphics, which I used to do exclusively on my desktop. Who would have guessed? (Interestingly, I use my laptop less than I used to.)

Movies we saw today include "The Book Thief,” an amazing 2013 American-German drama starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nelisse. (It's based on the novel by Markus Zusak about a young girl and her adoptive parents in Nazi Germany.) This was fascinating. I loved seeing this period from the German perspective, which we rarely ever do! Wonderful script, acting and directing. (i especially loved Geoffrey Rush, but all the leads were great.) The way it was shot is beautiful! Some scenes were pure art to view. Naturally it was sad (consider the time period and subject matter), but it was also uplifting. We would both highly recommend this movie, but keep in mind that it's not easy to sit through. You need to be in the correct mind set, for sure.

Then later we watched "Parental Guidance," a 2012 comedy film starring Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei and Tom Everett Scott. What a delightful movie! Very fun and funny. Billy Crystal and Btte Midler were WONDERFUL in this movie -- improving with age, if possible. Again, we'd both highly recommend this film. Really a cute movie. So glad we watched it.

My friend June had phoned yesterday to see how we were and if we needed anything -- but she phoned right around 8:00, which was when Marilyn was driving over to pick me up at my meeting. Because we don't hang out in the living room much (especially in the heat), I didn't discover her message until hours later. Anyway, she did phone again today, and we got to chat. I need to go over and check their WiFi. In fact, I might need to set it up all over again. They had issues and needed to get a new modem from Comcast, so... June wants to get her new iPad (woo hoo) -- Marilyn's idea. But neither Marilyn nor I want her to buy it until I've made sure of their WiFi. Plus I really should go along to make sure nobody talks her into getting things she doesn't need. We both want her to get the right size (as in how many gigs). With iPads, you can't increase size later, so what you buy is what you're stuck with. It's totally worth it to spend the money up front, that's for sure. Anyway, really excited about this. I agree with Marilyn that this will be wonderful for June.

Speaking of, excited that sister Sue is using her tablet! Tablets are really a wonderful thing for people to use, no doubt about it.

Finally, Marilyn and I have been catching up with watching ”Brother Vs. Brother." We just got totally behind on that show, which we love.

And I still need to do the garbage. Well, this week it's the recycling and composting (minus real garbage). But I still need to do the cat boxes, as well. Well, I often do these in the middle of the night, so...

I wish I'd kept track of every time I've used my iPad to blog, by the way (like right now). Which means I'm doing this entry sitting in my chair (lying back, mind you!) in the family room. Nice! Yes, I still like sitting in my office at my desktop computer, but at moments like this you can't beat the comfort of lying way back. Hahaha!

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