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Quiet Sunday

Well, we stayed up all night yet again. Watching TV. So we went to sleep around 6:00. And slept until around noon.

But it didn't matter. We didn't really have anything to do today.

We ate leftover spaghetti for 'breakfast.' Using hot dog and hamburger buns for garlic toast. Yummy. We need to get more sauce so I can make more, considering how much we both enjoyed it.

Speaking of food, I used to make a lot of casseroles -- and Marilyn mentioned recently that she'd love to have one. I enjoyed looking it up, by the way (see the above link), though I've been around many versions of casseroles my entire life. It's one of those things anyone can make, often using leftovers rather than wasting them. I recall that growing up Mom took it very seriously, not wasting food. I was just reading another article not long ago about how much food gets wasted, and it made me think how good Mom was about eating up food. That's all rather random, as I rarely use leftovers for my casseroles! (grin)

My most 'popular' casseroles are with rice and chicken, and usually flavored with curry. But I've also made casseroles with pasta and other meat (hamburger is good), too. In fact, back in my Nanny days, I made tons of casseroles (meatloaf, too). And I'd come up with some interesting combinations of ingredients, depending on what food was in the house. Hahaha! Once I had no binder for my meatloaf, so I used rice. Um, not a popular choice, based on how it looked (not the taste). The kids thought it looked like it was full of worms! Hahaha! Those were the days when I learned NEVER to tell what was used in my food! That's really worked for me over the years, by the way.

Gosh, I wonder how many casseroles I've made in my life. They're great for big groups, and great to take for potluck situations.

Well, lab work in the morning. We need to actually get to bed soon...

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