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It's around 1:30 a.m. Marilyn and I have been watching "Jeopardy" episodes. We're finally caught up, except for Saturdays (which we're now going to watch, even though they're all old reruns).

Marilyn and I watched the 2013 movie "Enough Said," with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini (in one of his final roles). We both loved this 'slice of life' romance. Again, it features an older cast. No crazy over-the-top humor, just a realistic look at the lives of these characters. Highly recommended. The sex is natural, and not too much, and there's nothing vulgar about the movie. James Gandolfini is so good in this, it reminds me how much he is missed after his death... Julia is wonderful, too, by the way.

Yesterday we watched a totally ,guilty pleasure' film, "Grown Ups 2," with Adam Sandler, and slews of sophomoric humor (kids would love the jokes about poop, pee and throwing up, I'm sure). As stupid as it was, we managed to laugh and enjoy it. There's just something so 'everyman' about Sandler. I also like Salma Hayek. And I like actor Steve Buscemi, an interesting guy who is basically as unattractive as any person could be. There's just something so likeable about him. There were a lot of other notable people in smaller roles, like Shaquille O'Neal and Taylor Lautner (who we love). I'm not sure I can honestly recommend this movie, but if you're not too picky -- or in the mood for something ridiculously light-hearted -- then give it a try.

Feeling better, if not perfect, after being so damned sick this morning. I felt like I'd never eat again after repeatedly throwing up in the early morning, but the tea and toast went down nicely, and later in the day I made spaghetti, which we both greatly enjoyed. I tend to find most pasta as 'comfort food,' and have always loved spaghetti. I made hot dog buns (!!!) into really tasty garlic toast, believe it or not. (I did eat slowly, but had no issues at all, thankfully.)

For the record, Marilyn did have gastric discomfort -- back and stomach pains. But she never threw up. But she rarely does -- we just get sick in different ways. She, too, was 'saved' by apple cider vinegar and Junior Mints. If you've never tried this winning pair, I can't imagine not having them for gastric situations...

Enjoying these Saturday "Jeopardy" episodes, by the way. Fun!

I need to get in touch with several friends that I've been missing for weeks (or eve months). And I want to finally catch up with cyber friends -- here, and at other sites. I've really been remiss. And my friends are so important to me!

I wish I had more time, and more energy!

And then I need to tackle some housework, at some point. Plus I have some 'summer' projects at work, which never seem to get done in the summer (and sometimes don't get done in the fall, either!). Well, I'm not going to get worried about all of this. It's still time to try and RELAX as much as we can, and let ourselves enjoy life when we can.

Can't wait for us both to be more rested and healthy and able to do the things we haven't had time to do.

I'm very proud we both kept up our graphic work (on our iPads), in spite of our festival work the past six months. Marilyn does amazing things! In so many ways her work is actually better than mine, in spite of my art background and years of experience. But I'm not surprised by this: She's always had an artistic nature, even when she was a little girl. And she just has incredible focus. She has turned her obsessive side to doing Edits (in place of other activities), and she can spend hours working and reworking a given image. Incredible! I remember when I used to do a lot of these same things, but I don't tend to do it as much anymore, unfortunately. Trying a variety of effects really keeps your work fresh and interesting. I suspect that when I was using my art for work purposes, I started to use 'shortcuts' to get things done faster. That's good for work deadlines, but NOT good for creativity!

I could probably discuss this at greater lengths, though I don't know how interesting it is to others. I do like thinking about art, and how it's ended up impacting my life. Which always makes me think about my teacher, Gertrude Schoeler. I always hope she knows how important she was to me. I also love when Marilyn and I discuss graphics, because it's something we mutually enjoy. And we learn from one another.

You know, continuing to learn new things is an important part of living life fully as we age. Of course, I'm always always going to enjoy teaching, as well (but that's not new, I've done it since I was a kid). Teachers always LEARN as much as they teach, I think. Or there's certainly that potential. Wow, that was weird and random, huh? Hahaha.

Time for bed!

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