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Saw My Friend June Today

Marilyn might be a bit better today (unless she's just experiencing wishful thinking, that is!). Anyway, she's said more than once that she 'feels a little better.' (I think mostly she's just frustrated by being sick, but oh well. I hope she is better soon!)

We've been keeping really odd hours the entire time she's been sick, meaning this whole week. As is often true when one (or both) of us is sick, we've been staying up all night long most nights. Last night we watched almost the entire first season of "The Bridge" (I pooped out before the last two episodes). And I was doing the garbage and recycling around 3:30-ish in the middle of the night. (My friend June said she was concerned when she saw that our stuff still wasn't out at 1:30 a.m.)

Anyway, slept past noon (little wonder). But what the heck: It's summer, and both Marilyn and I just love staying up all night long whenever we can. It's hard to sleep often when you're sick (as I'm sure you all know).

I'm still getting used to the new IOS on my iPad. Which caused me to screw up (!!!) and delete some photos accidentally that I didn't mean to. (sigh) I guess I need to cut myself some slack until I've used it more. Yeah, yeah -- I do have it on my phone. But it's funny how I don't do the sorts of things with photos on my iPhone that I do on my iPad!

Got a call from my friend June today. Actually, she called the day before yesterday, but I didn't get her message until the middle of the night last night. She had computer issues, so after I showered and washed and dried my hair, I went over to her house for several hours. Marilyn thinks June should get an iPad for many reasons. So fun to be able to use it from any place in your house, for example -- or to take along with you when you go places. And it's hard to 'screw up' the iPad the way you can a desktop or laptop computer. Plus it takes great photos, you can use it for games and so on.

Anyway, I did discuss it with June, because I feel she can afford to purchase it, and would enjoy having it. She's pretty savvy on a computer (she's used one for ages), even though she's had some big mess ups in the past. But as I told her, everybody messes up their computers now and then -- it's very common. She doesn't really use her cellphone, so I don't think a smart phone is the way for her to go. But the iPad can really be perfect, letting you do so many things. Marilyn and I literally use our iPads every day.

Clearly June doesn't need it for the Kindle App and reading, as she has an actual Kindle Paperwhite. Let me say that I adore my Kindle Paperwhite! A really great buy. They've messed it up a LOT recently with all their crazy changes, but it's still great for what you want it for: READING BOOKS.

June and I got to visit about a lot of stuff, which was nice. We haven't seen each other in ages. We have such fun when we chat.

I fixed some really MINOR issues on her computer. Then I had to go back over to fix her Outlook. It wasn't anything she'd done: Every so often Comcast does something that makes it necessary to reset your password with them. We've had to do it numerous times over the years -- and while it's annoying and requires assistance from Comcast, it's fairly straight forward. (We also had to tweak some of the mail settings, but that's certainly no big deal for me, needless to say.) We had a recent power outage, so I'm guess this relates, but maybe not. Who knows?

I also walked up to the corner grocery to pick up a few things. Wow, was it HOT out! I know it's only in the 80's, but it was slightly overcast and very, very muggy. I was delighted to get back to my house, where we keep it very comfortable and cool!

Been watching "Jeopardy" episodes, trying to catch up. We're around two weeks behind, yet again. That's okay, we still enjoy seeing it! In fact, once I finish this blog entry, we're going back to watching at least one more.

Oh. Needless to say, I missed my lab work appointment this morning. I'm going in on Monday, instead... Plenty of time to get back the results before next Friday when I see Leslie.

The LiveJournal App for iPad??? SUCKS BIG TIME. It might let you upload images, but you can't FIND THEM in the scrapbook (seriously?) after that. And the way it renders an entry? Totally annoying! Just awful. (ugh) I deleted it from my iPad and won't be using it again. Yeah, I had it on there before and did the same thing -- do I ever learn? But I kind of hope they might have made it better since then. Right.

It's utterly ridiculous that they can't just find some way to UPLOAD PHOTOS FROM AND IPAD TO LIVEJOURNAL. I mean, you've got to be kidding me! What's the problem??? The App didn't let me scale the photos (even when I changed the settings to supposedly impact the size). Anyway, when I do post from my iPad (which has been frequently this year), then I'm back to the web version. They've messed that up bad enough as it is, frankly!

When will the LiveJournal Admins finally get it: More is not always more. And don't fix what isn't broken! Change for change sake is STUPID. Why not pay more attention to what people actually want changed??? Okay, I'm done bitching about LJ for now. Hahaha. Obviously I'm still 'hooked,' or I wouldn't be blogging every day...

Sister Sue is at a cribbage tournament this weekend, by the way. I don't think I mentioned that before.

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