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Hating Applr Right Now -- Damn iPad

I'm so annoyed with my iPad right now. And angry with Apple, too.

Why, you may ask? There are a lot of reasons to be annoyed by Apple and the iPad. I'm not going to start that huge list right now. But the main thing? The whole size issue!!! Whatever you originally get is what you're stuck with, I'm afraid. And that's a pretty big deal.

I've needed to upgrade to the not-so-new IOS forever. And unless I do, there's no way to upgrade a bunch of my Apps. One App I use all the time won't even work anymore (!!!), because of this! But my iPad is too full to install the IOS. Terrific, huh?

So I keep removing Apps and removing more -- things I use constantly and want to keep! But I still haven't freed enough room. It's incredibly annoying and disgusting to me. WTF Apple???

I need to download a bunch of photos, I guess. What a huge pain. Oh well. I'll figure it out. I certainly don't have the $$$ necessary to buy a new (larger) iPad. So...

Marilyn was home sick again today. She was pretty annoyed when someone from work contacted her about a work-related matter. She can't understand why people can't leave her alone when she's home sick for a few days. Can't say that I blame her. I know she's important at work (who doesn't?), but Jeff can be gone for weeks and no one bothers him...

I spoke to Hector while he was here doing the lawn. Marilyn had me give him his latest payment by hand.

Later in the day I actually walked out to the corner store to get a few things. It was really hot out!

I got my appointment for labs -- this Friday morning (July 11) at 8:30. My appointment with Leslie (my nurse practitioner) is NEXT Friday (July 18) at 3:20.

Meanwhile, I'm out of my thyroid meds, and they won't refill them until I see her. Whatever. That's up to them. I've no clue how that will impact my lab results.

On that note, diabetes labs need to be fasting -- but from what Marilyn and I have read, thyroid labs should be without fasting, later in the day. The woman I set the appointment with said it 'didn't matter' -- that's a common attitude, and problem. Oh well (again). You can't really buck the medical system...

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