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Blessed, No Doubt!

Marilyn and I are feeling very blessed with our air conditioning in this hot weather. It was 85 today, and is supposed to be 90 tomorrow.

Marilyn and I slept in this morning, which was HEAVEN. (Yes, it's true. I haven't been getting enough sleep the last few weeks...) It was so lovely to sleep with the house so comfortable.

Marilyn and I got a movie On Demand today that we both loved, "Winter's Tale," with Colin Farrell. We were surprised by the reviews! It didn't get good reviews, nor did it do well at the box office. But we think it was probably difficult to market, because it doesn't fit in any easy category. It's sort of a fantasy, but sort of historical fiction (set originally in the early 1900's). It's sort of a romance (very sweet in many ways), and sort of a tale about good and evil. Colin was charming in the lead, as he often is. Anyway, we were delighted that we decided to watch it. I even shed some happy tears while viewing it. I think it was a moving story. Oh! And it was beautifully filmed. Just seeing 'Horse' (one of the main characters) is worth watching it for!

Yes, another recommendation. The fantasy aspect might not work for some, but sometimes we need to throw off reality for a couple of hours, at least...

Still enjoying American Ninja Warrior. It was really good tonight.

Almost forgot to mention: Today was the first Marilyn-Monday for 2014! (woo hoo) For half the year, Marilyn gets Mondays off. Meaning the two of us get three-day weekends, which we love!

It probably sounds like a lot less work, and certainly it's less work per week than January-June. But aside from our crazy schedules (far from the norm for most people), it means longer days, Tuesday-Friday. Marilyn probably works more than 40 hours a week, even with her Mondays off. Not that we mind. Just sayin'.

Anyway, vacation is over for now. Back to work tomorrow.

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