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Holiday Weekend -- Having Fun

I can't believe I missed blogging yesterday -- the first time in 2014. Oh, well! Nobody's perfect. And it was a busy day.

At one point we went over to Gearhart (by the sea) to eat at McMenamins Sand Trap Pub, which was nice. Marilyn and I have never been there before, and we plan to go again soon.

I was watching The Walking Dead marathon on and off all day long. And posting to Instagram. I also had a nice nap.

All five of us (Sue, the two girls, Mady and Nicole, plus Marilyn and me) went into Seaside around 8:00 p.m. We played some Fascination and some games at the arcade. Marilyn and I got some pronto pups (corn dogs) to eat (we didn't eat much at McMenamins).

The fireworks show started at 10:00 and was amazing! A really wonderful display, with a John Williams score.

The traffic this year was even worse than last year! We had decided in advance we weren't even going to try getting in to it until after 11:00 or later. It was STILL bad past midnight! So sister Sue managed to walk all the way down to where we'd parked, near Star Furniture! She hasn't walked that far in ages, as her health really doesn't allow it. I was proud of her for making the effort.

We got into the traffic around 12:30, and even though we'd avoided the really bad traffic, we were still stuck for a bit. Nicole wanted bananas (she eats one every day), but Safeway closes at 1:00 a.m. -- and it wasn't looking good that we'd be there in time. But Marilyn made a smart move and we got there just in time.

Then we came home and had some treats before bed (including margaritas and a red beer for Sue). I don't remember when we finally got to bed. I was awake much of the night.

Marilyn got up for Wimbledon (which I missed) -- and did a bunch of cleaning (some of which I should have done). Having company means spending a lot of time picking up after them, and doing dishes and so on.

We went to Pig 'n Pancake today (I had spaghetti!), before they took off for home.

I watched more TWD and slept a bunch. Ad a lovely day.

We went to town this evening and had a blast playing our fave driving game in the arcade (Dirty Driving, I think). And we got ice cream from the 'ice cream Nazi' guy, then walked down to the beach.

It's been a great day!

Almost forgot to mention eating Marilyn's wonderful, yummy baked beans today!

Vacation is a lovely thing!

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